-Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu predicted that His name will be reached everywhere
-Only nama-sankirtana leads to Godl the holy names should be required with fith faith
-Without Gurudeva’s mercy bhakti will not develop
-Harau ruṣṭe gurustrātā gurau ruṣṭe na kaścana sloka. Worship Gurudeva first, then you can worship Krishna
-Durvasa Rishi’s offence of the lotus feet of Ambarisha Maharaja
-In one lifetime, be one-pointed to your Guru (comparison of Srila BV Keshava Gosvami Maharaja to Kuresha, the disciple of Ramanujacarya)
-Everything belongs to God, but He is still happy when you offer something to Him
-God is very close to you but you do not turn your face to Him
-Ceto darpana marjaham sloka
-See the Lord with your ears, not eyes. Always listen to hari-katha
-The story of how a Kapalika sadhu brought a skull to King Vikramaditya’s palace
-Harinama is higher than Sri Hari
-01:12:00 – mahaprasade govinde nama brahmani vaisnave


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