-00:50:00 – Mahaprabhu had a good family life, but He took sannyasa
-Without the Guru’s mercy, it is impossible to leave material attachments behind
-Srila BV Svami Maharaja’s family life was not favourable for bhakti; his life before and after sannyasa
-In Bengal and East Bangladesh, people highly worship sannyasis as direct incarnations of God
-Mahaprabhu out of His generosity gives prema even to those who escape it
-Unfavourable signs for Vishnupriya-devi on the eve of Mahaprabhu’s sannyasа
-Sacimata’s dream on the eve of Mahaprabhu’s sannyasa
-Everyone in Navadvipa is looking for Nimai and crying
-Madhu Pandita is shaving the head of Nimai and is also crying
-Nityananda Prabhu is arranging things so that Nimai returns to Navadvipa
-Nitai stays at the house of Advaita Acarya in Shantipura and all devotees except Vishnupriya-devi gather there
-Saci-devi asks Nitai to stay in Jagannatha Puri, not in Vrindavana


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