13/10/21pm – Bhagavata Saptaha, day 2 (Hindi) – Mathura

Part 1 -Distress in this world & how to come out of it.-Importance of proper Sravan, Chintan & manan.-Absolute Truth in terms of Dvaita & Vaishnavism.-Absolute Truth 3 aspects & how Bhagavan source of universes thru Brahman.-Krishna showing chatur mukha brahma the brahmas...

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13/10/21am – Kubja-bhavan, Mathura parikrama, day 2 (Hindi)

-Kubja Sthan & Lila of Krishna with Kubja.-Kubja in previous life as Soorpanaka.-Sadharana rati , Samanjasa rati & Samartha rati.-Yoga maya making arrangements for gopis to meet Krishna.-Krishna controlled by samartha rati of Gopis.-Ikanthika Nishta towards Krishna to enter rasa...

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12/10/21pm – Bhagavat Saptaha, day 1 (Hindi) – Mathura

-Srimad Bhagavatam is Bhagavan Swaroop.-Which canto represents which limb of Bhagavan.-Even Lord Ananta dev cann’t describe Bhagavath Katha.-To understand Bhagavatam one has to surrender at the lotus feet of guru , vaishnava & Bhagavan. When will Bhagavan Swaroop revealed in...

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