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26/11/20 – Kartik – Damodarastakam Sloka 5 and 6 (Hindi)

– Verse 5 and 6 Damodarastakam;- Gopis did their bodily activities and household chores only by habit and by the arrangement of Yogamaya (because they are completely absorbed in Krsna);- Gopis had no kids of their own;-Importance of listening to harikatha and finding a balance...

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25/11/20 – Disappearance of Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaja

– The internal and external meaning of the renunciation;- Raghunatha Das to Sanatana Gosvami: vairagya-yug-bhakti-rasam prayatnair (Vilapa Kusumanjali);- Srila Gaura Kishora Dasa Babaji Maharaja would defeat the arguments and cut the philosophy of even great panditas such as Prana...

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24/11/20- Kartik – Bhandirvana (Hindi)

“Bhan” means to manifest (prakash);Srila Narayana Maharaja renovated this place;The wedding of Radha and Krishna: Baladeva Vidyabhusana went to Jaipur to protect the Gaudiya Vaisnava Siddhanta that Srimati Radhika should be worshipped with Govinda deva;The Deity of Krsna here...

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23/11/20 – Vraja mandala parikrama – Adi Kedarnath darshan

Vrajavasis wanted to travel to pilgrimage places (tirtha yatra);those human beings who don`t visit the 4 dhamas, their life is useless;original pilgrimage places are all in Vrindavana (if you come here, you don`t need to go to the other tirthas);how dangerous it is to go to the 4 dhama...

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