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28/11/21pm – Glories of Sadhu-sanga (Hindi) – Bhuj

-Without Bhagavath Bhajan & ruci in Katha life is unsuccessful.-Antajah meaning & they also can go to Bhagavathh dham by sat sanga.-If one doesn’t have taste in Bhagavath Katha then at time of death Bhagavan’s Naam won’t come.-Story of a father unable to say...

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28/11/21am – Sri Bhajana-Rahasya (Hindi) – Bhuj

Part 1 -Jata-rati sadhaka and ajati-rati sadhaka.-Rati is condensed form of asakti towards Krishna.-Sadhak keeps asakti on Bhagavath Naam , Guna & Lila.-Vritarasura prayers to have asakti always on Lords lotus feet & His dear devotees.-Bhagavan doesn’t show Kripa directly on...

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27/11/21pm – Bhagavat-saptaha, day 5 (Hindi) – Bhuj

-Devaki, Vasudeva & Drona, Dhara’s previous life Katha.-Vrajavasis celebrating Krishna’s janma-Lila of Shivaji hankering for Gopala’s darshan.-Putana Moksha Lila.-Deliverance of Nalakuvera & Manigriva & Dam bhandan Lila.-Srimati Radhika’s janma lila.

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27/11/21am – Sri Bhajana-rahasya (Hindi) – Bhuj

-Story of Asvattama killing Draupadi’s sons & Dhrishtadyumnaconsidering them as Pandavas.-Lila of Parikshit Maharaj being protected from Asvattama’s brahmastra by Lord Vishnu.-Why did Providence allow Draupadis sons to be killed?-Bhagavan’s sons aren’t like...

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26/11/21pm – Bhagavath Naam Grahan (Hindi) – Bhuj

-Glories of Bharat Varsha with many languages, climates etc.-Bharat Varsha is special as spiritual place & Bhagavan’s avatars appear here.-2 types of people asuras & bhaktas.-Humans can do bhajan but not animals.-Topmost fear is death & story of an old women with...

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