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19/05/22pm – Uddhava Glorifies the Gopis (Hindi) – Delhi | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Love is real only in the transcendental love
-5 types of devotees
-Uddhava is shocked with the Vrajavasis’ love
-Love of the queens of Dvaraka compared to love of the gopis
-Uddhaha is hankering to have just a particle of the gopis’ love
-Vrindavana’s miserable state in separation with Krishna
-Radhika’s body is burning in the fire of separation
-Bhramara-gita: Srimati Radhika meets bumblebee
-No one can compete with God
-Jaya and Vijaya are cursed by the Four Kumaras
-Why did those nirguna Kumaras become angry cursing Jaya and Vijaya?
-Prahlada’s teaching: Make Vrindavana out of your house

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18/05/22am – Sharanagati (Hindi) – England | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Story of a mother giving her heart to son to make him gain his lover
& her heart crying when son is stuck with a stone.
-In the transcendental world guru-sishya sambandha is nitya & is life after life.
-Transcendental world love vs material world love.
-Prema definition is even if there is a cause to destroy it won’t get destroyed but will increase more & more.
-First surrender & then one will enter into the realm of bhakti.
-How to surrender & about 6 limbs of surrender.
-Transcendental thing when you offer something you can’t take back.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu reciting a mundane verse that describes the happiness of beloved & lover before marriage.
-Surrender to guru & Krsna like a baby.
-When prema manifests one will leave the body as the body cannot tolerate.
-Yukta-vairagya vs phalgu-vairagya.
-Chanting nama-sankirtana all kinds of limbs of bhakti inside it.
-2 kinds of service: physical & manasika-seva.
-Bhagavan’s topmost quality is forgiveness.
-Lila of Hanuman saying Vibhishana is a devotee of Lord Rama when he came to Lord Rama for shelter.
-Vibhishana’s explanation to Ravana for the words Ra & Ma in his room.
-Lord Rama said even if Ravana comes & asks for forgiveness I will forgive him.
-Can anyone be an enemy of Bhagavan?

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04/05/22pm – Parashurama-katha (Hindi) – On the way to Paris

-Jamadagni’s wife attacked Sahasrarjuna as he killed Jamadagni.
-Difference in opinion on attacking kshatriyas between Jamadagni & his wife & son Parasurama.
-Parasurama’s mother’s name is Renuka.
-Parasurama killed his mother & again brought back to life on father’s blessing.
-Parasurama killed Kshatriyas travelling around the globe 21 times.
-Parasurama giving bow of Shivaji to Janaka Maharaja & not to Ravana.
-Janaka Maharaja used to worship that bow.
-Ravana thought about stealing the bow & can’t even lift it & feel like a mouse in between the bow.
-Sita-devi as a small child used to do stava-stuti of bow.
-Question: Why did Krishna speak Bhagavad-gita only to Arjuna & not to other Pandavas.
-Parasurama is a shaktyavesha-avatara.
-From Patravali one can get Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaja’s lectures.
-First surrender then sraddha comes.
-Characteristics of sharanagati which is the doorway to bhakti.
-Bhakti is nitya nirantara chirantara sada sarvada, eternal uninterrupted always forever
-Different types of vichara.

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02/05/22am – Glories of Akshaya-tritiya (Hindi) – Zoom

-The four most auspicious days of the year: Akshaya-tritiya, Vijaya-dashami, Vasanta-pancami and Rama-navami

-The four most auspicious days of the year: Akshaya-tritiya, Vijaya-dashami, Vasanta-pancami and Rama-navami
-Everything is perishable in this material world
-Satya-yuga started on Akshaya-tritiya and Ganga manifested on this day
-Lila of Krishna protecting Pandavas from the curse of Durvasa Rishi; akshaya-patra pot
-If in the time of calamities we surrender Sri Hari, He will protect us just as lHe protected Draupadi when Duryodhana and Duhshasana tried to disrobe her
-The story of how Кuvera went from being a poor man to being a treasurer of the heavenly planets
-Lila of Kuvera’s sons Nalakuvera and Manigriva delivered by Sri Krishna
-Devi Parvati has anna-purna form, she is a devata of grains. We should donate rice, grains, wheat, flour on this day and we will never be short of food in our life
-Opening of Badarika ashrama and Banki Bihari today
-Tirthapada means all the holy places reside in the feet of the Lord
-All the pilgrimage places are there in Vraja
-Manasi-Ganga appeared from the mind of Krishna
-Glories of Madhavendra Puripada
-Candana-yatra of Lord Jagannatha is today
-If you feed brahmanas on this day of Akshaya-tritiya you will never have lack of food in your life
-Story of a very chaste brahmani
-You should offer 7 ghi lamps during 7 days

7 ghi lamps during 7 days

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11/04/22 midday – Manjari-bhava and sadhana (Hindi) – Delhi

-Doing sadhana is important.
-To do Phd one has to learn ABCD.
-At first anartha-nivritti has to happen before going to higher things like manjari-bhava.
-Different types of anarthas.
-Until sukriti is matured one won’t have faith in sadhu, sastra.
-Do smarana of vrindavana-katha if physically not present in Vraja.
-First read & follow Upadesamrta grantha.
-anyabhilasita sunyam sloka discussion.
-Has Yashoda-maiya done krsna-anukulya-mayi-seva when she stopped feeding milk to Krsna & ran to save milk from falling into fire.
-In rasa what will happen & what is mana.
-No need to leave guru-parampara.
-Manjari-bhava won’t come so easily.
-Harinama is cin-maya-vastu.
-By diksha at first sins will go away & divya-jnana will come.
-First read Upadeshamrita, Manah-siksha.

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11/04/22am – Incomparable love of Bharata to Rama (Hindi) – Delhi

-Bharata learns about Ramaji being exiled
-Mantara’s plot to exile Rama and crown Bharata
-Shtrughna wants to kill Mantara but Bharata does not allow him
-Bharata goes to the forest to meet Ramachandra and to persuade Him to come back to Ayodhya
-Lord Rama sees no faults in any of His subjects
-Siradhvaja Janaka reflects on the nature of prema
-The love of Bharata to Rama is like a big ocean and Rama is like a mountain in this ocean because He is always fixed in His words
-The importance of following vidhi-bhakti
-Sad-gosvami-astaka of Srila Srinivasa Acarya
-Krishna deva bhavantam vande
-How Lakshmana managed to not eat, sleep and look at womens’ faces
-How Lakshmana managed to cut Shurpanakha’s nose and ears without seeing her face
-Kubja’s love for Krishna is samanja-rati

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10/04/22pm – Narada Rishi tells Ramayana to Valmiki Rishi (Hindi) – Delhi

-Once Narada Rishi told Valmiki Rishi in brief the Ramayana
-Dasharatha Maharaja appeared in the dynasty of Ikshvaku
-Dasharatha Maharaja gets everything prepared to Rama’s raja-abhisheka
-2 boons Kaikeyi asked from the King Dasharatha: to exile Rama to the forest, to crown Bharata
-Rama, Sita and Lakshmana move into the forest
-Sita-devi gives a perfect indirect answer to those who asked who her husband was, Rama or Lakshama
-Dasharatha wants to bring Ramachandra back from the forest
-All the subjects followed Ramachandra and then He decided to leave hiddenly in the night
-Ramachandra crossed the Ganges and proceeded to Chitrakut
-Lila on how Dasharatha Maharaja killed a boy by mistake while hunting in his youth and was cursed by a boy’s parents to feel separation with his own son
-Bharata had a nightmare and spoke it to his grandfather
-A dream that happens between 3am and 5am will come true in life
-Chant the holy names before sleep, when you go to sleep wash your hands, feet and mouth and wear fresh night clothes, take the name of Padmanabha Bhagavan before sleeping. If you have a nightmare, utter the name of Govinda. As soon as you wake up you would immediately chant harinama.
-Chant 16 names of Bhagavan daily
-Remember related names of God in different situations (Padmanabha, Janardana, Vamanadeva, Varahadeva, etc)
-Chanting the holy names is more powerful than bathing in the Ganges. Lila of Siva disguising a leprosy man and asking people to bring him a lota of water from the Ganges
-If someone cannot tolerate bathing in the river due to health issues, he can do mantra-snana
-Valmiki Rishi curses the hunter who killed a female crane
-After sleeping during the day, you should change your clothes and sprinkle the water on your head

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