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14/02/21 – Bhakta Bhagavata Glories (House program) (Hindi) – Noida

-Srila Gurudev is with us but not physically. -Tears come from Srila Gurudev when he hears Kirtan. -Reminiscence of days with Srila Gurudev in this house. -2 types of Bhagavata 1.Grantha Bhagavata 2.Bhakta Bhagavata. -Bhakta Bhagavata is jivanta Bhagavata. -In Bhagavatam Krishna Charitra...

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13/02/21 – Hear from Sadhu (House Program) (Hindi) – Janakpuri

-Story of a poor brahmin asking Naradji to call 3 persons & Naradji called all from 3 lokas. -Jiva comes here to do Bhajan but gets attracted to Maya & suffers. -People don’t want to work & get diseases now these days. -Tulasi das describing baddha jivas live like wheat...

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