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Sveta Ganga. Puri, 15 10 2020

Why the name is “Sveta” Ganga?Sveta was a king, his story is so beautiful. He used to serve Jagannath so much and so well. Once, he offered many food items to Lord Jagannath, but he saw that, at the same time, the demigods had also offered so many nice and delicious foodstuffs...

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Alarnath, 14 10 2020

00.04.00 – 00.15.30 – two stories of brahmanas serving to their dieties (burn from kheer and son of a brahmana feeding Thakuraji)00.38.00 – 00.58.29 – story of a poor boatman and the witness Raghunatha01.11.50 – Srila Gurudeva, ‘I believe that...

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