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05/11/22am – Baelvana (Hindi)

-Baelvana is one of the important vana in Vrindavana.
-Lila of Narada Rishi telling about rasa-lila to Lakshmi-devi making Her feel greedy for it
& asking him for advice on how to enter into rasa-lila.
-Lakshmi-devi doing tapasya in Baelvana to enter into rasa-lila.
-If one has to take kripa from someone,one should be in a humble state.
-Krsna’s conditions for Lakshmi-devi to enter into rasa-lila.
-Lakshmi-devi not accepting Krsna’s conditions.
-Finally Krsna kept Lakshmi-devi as a golden ray on His chest.
-10 types of Lakshmis mentioned in sastra.
-Lila of Lord Rama blessing Suvarna-Sita to enter into rasa in Krsna-lila.
-Lila of Lord Rama saving Chaya-Sita Kidnapped by Ravana & then sending her to Svarga as Svarga-lakshmi who later came as Draupadi from fire.
-Lakshmi-devi is still doing tapasya.
-Naga Patnis wondering about Kaliya’s fortune in getting Krsna’s lotus feet on his hoods.
-Vrindavan Krsna’s lotus feet are rarely attainable.
-Mahaprabhu came in this Kali-yuga & gave ahaituki-kripa.
-Why Lakshmi-devi cannot enter into rasa-lila?
-Srimati Radhika manifested in 3 forms in Vrindavana, Dvaraka & Vaikuntha.
-How did Drona & Dhara get vatsalya-bhava after blessings from Brahma who is in dasya-rasa?

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31/10/22am – Khelvana-bihari (Hindi)

-Radha Krsna played many games here.
-Krsna makes sound like frog & all frogs come here.
-When He makes sound like cuckoo all cuckoos come here.
-Krsna gets tired & lays down then sakhas fan Him & does kirtan of Krsna’s lilas.
-Krsna smiles a bit with eyes closed.

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31/10/22am – Rama-ghata (English translation)

-Lord Balarama performed rasa-lila here
-Srila BV Tirtha Gosvami Maharaja used to cry here
-Krishna’s lilas in Mathura and Dvaraka
-Krishna always remembered Vrajavasis in Mathura
-3 types of vraja-prema
-Bhava-alankaras of the gopis
-Baladeva Prabhu dragged Yamuna river with His plough
-With which gopis did Baladeva Prabhu perform rasa-lila
-Lila of Krishna proving the chastity of Srimati Radhika

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31/10/22am – Tapovana (Hindi)

-In Magha-Mahina gopis used to take bath in cold weather in the morning & used to do tapasya.
-Siddhas won’t have any difficulty in tapasya.
-Who is sadhaka as per Visvanatha Chakravartipadа?
-Bilvamangala Thakura is а sadhaka.
-Siddhas always immersed in describing Bhagavan’s nama, guna, lila.
-In Ananda-vrindavana-champu, Gopala-champu this place is described.
-Lord Rama’s benediction to sruti-chari, muni-chari, deva-chari, Suvarna-Sita.
-Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu came here & all our guru-varga came here.
-By taking dust from this place in heart one will get krsna-prema.
-Lila of Radha Krsna playing, wrestling & Krsna saying He is best as His nose is upwards.
-Radha-Krsna lila is very confidential.
-Lila of Jatila going behind Radhika to see if She meets with Krsna early in morning in Yamuna on the pretext of bathing.
-Lila of Krsna taking Abhimanyu’s form & misdirecting Jatila & making her beat her own son Abhimanyu.

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31/10/22am – Chira-ghata (Hindi)

-Krishna stayed in this world for 125 years
-How Dandakaranya rishis became gopis
-4 weapons of a paramour mood
-The nitya-siddha-gopis did not observe Katyayani-vrata
-You should not bathe naked
-4 kinds of politics to get something from a someone
-6 ways to attain Bhagavan; the gopis’ way is the best
-Do not be sahajiyas

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