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19/11/21pm – Sarva-bhava-udgama-ullasa rati (Hindi) – Govardhan

Part 1 -New Hindi book, Bhakti, Bhakta, Bhagavan, is introduced-Jiva-tattva can relish the moods only under the guidance-Lalita, Vishakha do seva independently but jivas cannot do so-Bhava-ullasa-rati is manifested in manjaris, they are nitya-sakhis or prana-sakhis-All the rasas and moods...

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19/11/21am – Summary of Vraja-mandala parikrama (Hindi) – Govardhan

-Gratitude to Srila BV Madhava Maharaja for a nice parikrama-Srila BV Govinda Maharaj gave beautiful hari-katha in Bengali-Everybody please come to Navadvipa parikrama-Visiting parikrama is like putting battery in our watch-We tried to arrange everything for you but please forgive us for...

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18/11/21pm – Summary of Varshana parikrama (Hindi) – Govardhan

-We did not go to Gatoligaon-Mahaprabhu’s instruction not to stay longer in Vrindavana and not to climb on Giriraja to see Gopal-The meaning of atriptata (insatiability of Krishna’s darshana)-Many lilas are included into rasa-lila-Because of Muslim’s attacks the deity of Gopal has been...

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