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14/09/21am – Radhashtami (English translation) – Zoom

-Krishna is sat-chit-ananda. Baladeva Prabhu is the presiding deity of sat; Krishna is the presiding deity of chit; Srimati Radhika is the presiding deity of ananda-Mukta-jivas and baddha-jivas-Sadhaka with a help of a bona fide guru gets rid of his anarthas-Krishna, karuna-sagar, the...

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23/07/21pm – Vyasa purnima (English translation) – Bengal

-Vyasadeva is jnanavesha-avatara of Krishna-Karma-kanda and jnana-kanda are like pots of poison. We should reject them-Vyasadeva wrote 18 Puranas in different modes: goodness, passion and ignorance-Vyasadeva’s mind is so disturbed-One cannot search guru, he or she gets him only by...

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22/07/21pm – Serve Sad guru (English translation) – Bengal

-How important sambandha jnana is to serve Bhagavan.-Inherent nature of soul & awakening it with guru seva.-Maya’s 2 main activities are avaranaptika vrutti & vikshypatmika vrutti.-Krishna seva vasana is bhakti lata bija given by Gurudev.-If you serve Krishna no need to do...

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20/07/21pm – Shayana Ekadashi (English translation) – Bengal

-Ravana’s outrages-Do bhajana at a young age-If the ruler is atheistic, there are droughts or floods in the state-Story of a king Mandata, Anguri Rishi and a shudra-Power of Ekadashi-Onion and garlic are not good-There are no small and big Ekadashis. Every Ekadashi is equally...

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