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20/06/22pm – Father’s Day (English translation) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-When father is pleased all demigods are pleased
-Sravana Kumara katha
-It takes 7 births to repay the debts to a mother
-The story of how the son wanted to pay off his mother’s debt to her
-Do not eat the food of the materialists
-Krishna did not take offerings of Duryodhana and Dushasana but took those of Vidura and his wife
-Krishna took chipped rice of Sudama Vipra
-The story of Ramanujacarya eating the mango in the garden of the prostitute
-Bhagavan and Guru are our real mother and father
-If one’s parents are Vaishnavas he should serve them but if they are antagonistic to Bhagavan he should renounce them
-Bharata could not call his mother Kaikeyi mom
-Mahaprabhu gave instructions to the young Gopala Bhatta Gosvami to serve his parents

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19/06/22midday – Father’s Day (English translation) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Pariksit Maharaja had guaranteed that he would be alive for another 7 days. But we do not have such a guarantee
-A variety of species of life
-Sita Rama kahiye: You are not alone, Bhagavan is with you
-Mother is the first guru, father is the second guru
-Dharma comes in the form of a father
-Lord Ramacandra’s attitude to His father
-Form of mothers in Vedas
-The story of two friends and lottery ticket
-That mother who gives birth to a Vaishnava is successful
-In Vrindavana they say “Radhe”, not “Krishna”

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18/06/22midday – Serve Gurudeva Naturally (English translation) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-By Gurudeva’s mercy I visited 56-57 countries with preaching
-Whatever happens happens with the mercy of Gurudeva
-Prabhupada’s disciples intimately served him
-Serve Gurudeva naturally as mother serves her child
-Uddhava is so surprised by the gopis’ prema
-We realise the value of something when we lose it
-A small child cries and laughs as he remembers his previous life. Even some adult people remember their previous lives
-Vrindavana-Krishna never leaves Vraja
-Samyogini Radha and Viyogini Radha
-Doctors and lawyers will take all your money )
-Bhramara-gita: Radha accuses Krishna in cruelty
-Radhaji addresses the black craw
-Those who speak hari-katha are the best donors
-We are so lucky to have Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

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17/06/22pm – Radharani’s Parrot Shuka (English translation) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Panca purushartha is krishna-prema
-Sadhana should have the objective
-Kapiladeva asked His mother Devahuti to stay in sadhu-sanga
-Never listen to hari-katha from a non-Vaishnava
-The beauty of renunciation of Sukadeva Gosvami
-Srimad-Bhagavatam is a ripen fruit with no seed and no skin
-Radha and Krishna teach Suka pakshi to chant Their names
-Akhanda-guru-tattva principle
-Shuka considers Radha and Krishna as his gurus
-Shuka tasted the nectar of Radharani’s lips as She kissed Her bird
-Pure devotees escape from pratishtha but it chases them
-We should engage pratishtha in service giving it to Bhagavan

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17/06/22midday – Yudhishthira Maharaja’s Prolonged Yagna (English translation) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-The absolute truth is that one day we should leave this world
-The story of the old woman who gathered wood in the forest
-Externally Hanuman is a mere monkey but he is not ordinary
-Lila: Bhima is not able to lift Hanuman’s tail
-Bhagavan’s bhakta will never be perished
-Real sadhus are devoid of matsarya, envyness
-The story of a sadhu who, with the gift of clairvoyance, claimed to have seen an oil well in a woman’s home
-Krishna’s side during the battle of Kurukshetra
-If you want to do a good thing, do it quickly. And if you want to do a bad thing, delay with it
-The duration of the fire sacrifice in India depends on the amount of money given to a so called brahmana )
-If you serve Bhagavan with pure mind, you will not lack for anything. At Navadvipa-dhama, thousands of people take prasada, and it never runs out
-Yudhishthira Maharaja’s fire sacrifices were incomparable
-Yudhishthira Maharaja’s fire sacrifice never ended: the bells signifying the successful competition did not ring
-Yudhishthira Maharaja committed offence at the lotus feet of a sadhu who mixed all kinds of prasada and ate it
-Who performs bhajana to Hari belongs to Acyuta-gotra
-Always remain in the association of saintly persons

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16/06/22pm – Lakshmana’s Top Seva (English translation) – Houston | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Bhagavan Ramacandra establishes maryada
-Lakshmana’s austerity for 14 years
-Only Lakshmana could kill Indrajit
-Divine weapon of Lakshmana which he used to cut the nose and ears of Shurpanakha
-Lakshmana’s seva to Rama is still higher than that of Hanuman
-8 days when Rama and Lakshmana did not eat anything
-Ramacandra cannot give death penalty to Lakshmana
-Mother’s service is the best in the material world
-The story of how the son wanted to pay off his mother’s debt to her
-The story of how the wife did not want to give jackfruit to the Vaishnavas
-Stay in your asrama and do hari-bhajana

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