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11/06/22am – Gangamata Gosvamini Appearance (English) – Iceland | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Bhima could not tolerate hunger so Krishna gave him concession to have one anukalpa on Ekadashi and observe at least one Nirjala Ekadashi a year
-Bhakti-marga is very simple, not by force
-How to observe Ekadashi
-Srimati Radhika’s ahaituki mana (causeless anger)
-On the day of Ekadashi try to chant more holy names than in other days, at least 2-4 rounds more
-Life history of Gangamata Gosvamini
-Srila Jiva Gosvami tells about 3 types of Krishna’s lilas: raja-kumara, deva and human being lila
-Gangamata Gosvamini’s Guru Haridasa sent her to an old Vaishnavi to Radha-kunda under whose guidance she performed bhajana and sadhana
-Story of a young girl who came to Vrindavana to perform bhajana and when one man became attached to her she showed him pots with her vomit and faeces
-Gangamata Gosvamini took kshetra-sannyasa
-Gangamata Gosvamini everyday chanted 3 lakhs of harinama
-Rasika Raya wants to be the Deity of Gangamata Gosvamini
-Gangamata Gosvamini is manifested in Jagannatha’s temple
-Ganga-devi thought: ‘My life will be very successful if Saci-devi (Gangamata Gosvamini) will bathe in my waters’.
-If you practise bhakti, dharma, artha, kama, moksha will chase behind you
-If Krishna gives you money, use them in seva
-Glorification of Lilananda Prabhu and Dina Bandhu Prabhu
-We have to protect the things which are used for krishna-seva
-On Rukmangada and Dharmangada

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12/05/22pm – Ekadashi-tithi (English) – Holland | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Ekadashi-tithi is bhakti-janani.
-Lila of Devaki and Vasudeva performing fire sacrifice for the welfare of Krsna-Balarama & asking Rishis to stop it on seeing the arrival of Narada Rishi.
-Meaning the human body is how to get the association of sadhu.
-In Brihad-bhagavatamrita Sanatana Gosvami glorifies sadhu-sanga.
-Sadhu-sanga means hari-katha.
-Story of a person happy to go to hell along with his prostitute lady.
-About Ekadashi-tithi mixed with other tithis.
-Lila of Vasishtha Rishi giving reasons for the suffering of Sita-devi.
-Lila of Ekadashi-devi’s manifestation from Vishnu to kill Mura demon & getting boon from Lord Vishnu.
-If you die on the day of ekadashi you will go to Vaikuntha or Goloka Vrindavana dhama.
-Under any circumstances don’t take the grains on ekadashi.
-From 8 to 80 years old all have to follow ekadashi.
-Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaja used to give some donation to blind ones.
-Rukmangada asking Balakhilya Rishi about his past life.
-Maya-devi coming as second wife of Rukmangada to test him, his wife & son Dharmangada regarding following of ekadashi.
-Lord Vishnu appears before Rukmangada cuts his son & Maya-devi leaves the place.
-Srila Parama-Gurudeva used to make every brahmachari, sannyasi to chant 64 rounds.

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26/04/22pm – Follow Ekadashi-tithi (English) – England

-If you observe Еkadashi-tithi bhakti will manifest in your heart.
-How Ambarisha Maharajа engaged all his senses in serving the Lord.
-Even demigods & demigoddess also pray to Lord to give human birth.
-Only in the human body you can serve the Lord by listening to hari-katha.
-Hari-bhakti-vilasa explains about how to do Ekadashi.
-Yamaraja orders his servants whom to bring & whom not to.
-Lila of Lord Vishnu saving the punished jivas in hell.
-Lila of Lord Vishnu benedicting young Ekadashi-devi after killing Mura demon.
-Lord Vishnu told one who observes Ekadashi-tithi can attain Vaikuntha.
-Lila of Srila BS Sarasvati Maharaj disciple Srila Vaikhanasa Maharaja liberating a ghost.
-Meaning of upavasa.
-Haridasa Thakura Namacharya chanting 3 lakhs of the holy names.
-If you are doing bhajana sadhana & don’t give up attachment to your family member you will not attain the destination.
-Chant holy names & associate with sadhu to get realisations.
-Examples of Vritrasura & Srivasa Thakura doing bhajana in spite of householders.
-About krsna-samsara & making house Goloka Vrindavana.

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12/02/22 pm – Bhaimi-ekadashi (English) – Colombia

-Bhaimi-ekadashi or Jaya-ekadashi is not connected with Bhima
-The Lord allowed Bhima to observe once a year a nirjala-ekadashi
-Shastras give a concession in this Kali-yuga to take anukalpa (a little food) on Ekadashi
-Do not make a feast on Ekadashi, otherwise you will not get the proper fruits of this vrata
-The story of a gandharva who became a ghost because of Indra’s curse, but then was freed from the ghost body by observing one Ekadashi
-Description of ghosts’ bodies and ghosts’ activities
-When I was doing a fire sacrifice in Mathura one ghost possessed a lady. I put water, maha-prasada into the mouth of that lady, chanted nrisimha-mantra and the ghost run away
-Sometimes ghosts possess people to get deliverance from their bodies
Ganga-jala and tulasi-patra are very powerful. If you keep them in your house it will never be haunted by ghosts
-Sagо (tapioca) and quinoa is prohibited on Ekadashi
-If you die in Ekadashi, you will go to Goloka Vrindavana
-The real meaning of footdust of the pure devotee of the Lord
-Atithi devo bhava – We never know what form the Lord will present to us, so we must treat every guest as God. This is the Vedic culture
-Vrajavasis are very persistent in forcing the sadhu to take prasada. This is their way of expressing their love. One has to be patient with their scolding
-Upasana – Chant holy names on Ekadashi in sadhu-sanga

  • 5 processes of bhakti
    -5 karmendriyas and 5 jnanendriyas
    -Ambarisha-Durvasa katha
  • Meaning of ‘madhava’ in Madhava-tithi
    -Chant this sloka in Ekadashi: 1st sloka of Srimad Bhagavad-gita
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28/01/22pm – Observe Ekadashi (English) – Brazil

-Observe Sat-tila Ekadashi with sesame seeds.
-Different ways of using sesame seeds in Sat-tila Ekadashi.
-Example of Yudhisthira Maharaja desiring everything & Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvatipada desiring aeroplane for Krishna’s service.
-In Kali-yuga you cannot perform hard austerities, so just observe ekadashi.
-How ekadashi is observed in all 4 yugas with Ambarisha Maharaja example in Satya-yuga.
-Lila of Sita-devi asking Vasishtha Rishi as to why she is feeling distress in this life.
-Lila of Krishna following ekadashi along with Nanda Baba & Varunadeva kidnapping Nanda Baba.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu asking Sacimata to follow ekadashi.
-5 types of grains to be avoided as they have papa on ekadashi.
-Story of a boy rejecting Jagannatha prasada in Nilachala Gaudiya Matha after noticing an insect in sabji & Jagannatha making him take prasada at night.
-Jagannatha doesn’t tolerate criticism of Him or His servants.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu circumambulating Jagannatha prasada whole night when pandas gave it on ekadashi & honouring prasada in parana time next day.
-Upavasa means to stay close with the Lord.
-Reminiscence of old days in Keshavaji Gaudiya Matha compared to current day on ekadashi preparations & what devotees do.
-Listen more hari-katha & chant more harinama on ekadashi.
-Kirtans & songs sung on ekadashi in Keshavaji Gaudiya Matha.
-Amabarisha Maharaja – Durvasa Rishi katha to signify about breaking fast in parana time.
-5 types of bhaktas. Who is higher Ambarisha Maharaja or Draupadi according to Srila Sanatana Gosvami & Srila Visvanatha Cakravartipada.
-Who is higher Parikshita Maharaja or Shukadeva Gosvami according to Sanatana Gosvami.

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13/01/22 midday – Ekadashi tithi (English) – Brazil

-Lord Vishnu rescues sinners from the abode of Yamaraja and instructs them to observe Ekadashi

-The story of how the king tried to trick Yamarajа by creating 100 copies of himself

-DIfferent types of narakas

-Ekadashi tithi is Hari-vasari-tithi

-Observe Nirjala Ekadashi if your health is good

-On the day of Ekadashi all night long sing nama-sankirtana

-Do not have mundane talks, do not critisise

-Demon Mura is killed by Ekadashi-devi

-People observe Ekadashi for various reasons, but devotees of the Lord observe it to attain pure bhakti. 

-Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in nama-sankirtana

-Bengals are exemplary in their servital mood and have so much love and affection for Nimai and NItai. Most of Prabhupada’s disciples were born in East Bengal

-Do not critisise Gaura-dhama

-A brahmana should have saralata, simplicity. Only a brahmana can become a vaishnava

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30/12/21pm – The glories of Ekadasi tithi (English) – Brazil

  • We should follow Ekadashi as per our vaishnava sampradaya.
  • Meaning of bhakti janani.
  • According to your goal you will get different fruits (ekadashi of karmis, yogis and bhaktas).
  • Lila of the Lord going to visit the palace of Yamaraja.
  • Types of sinful activities and narakas
  • In the day of Ekadashi you should listen to hari-katha.
  • Glories of the sound of Govinda’s flute.
  • Krishna-kathamrita mahatmya
  • Conversation between male and female peacock.
  • 8 types of Tulasi-seva.
  • Everybody should serve Tulasi-devi.
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30/12/21pm – Follow Ekadashi, Have Guru Nishtha & Respect All (English) – Brazil

-Ekadashi is bhakti-janani.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu doing parikrama of Jagannatha prasada given on ekadashi day & taking it on next day in parana time.
-Everybody has to follow ekadashi.
-Prabhodananda Sarsvatipada vs Prakashananda Sarasvati.
-Gopala Bhatta Gosvami rejecting Hithari as disciple for not following ekadashi & chewing pana.
-Follow Shruti, Smriti, Narada Pancharatra unlike sahajiyas.
-Follow the instruction of our guru-parampara. Guru-vakya is topmost.
-Lila of Advaita acharya praying to serve Mahaprabhu alone & Yogamaya arranging it.
-When Krishna plays the flute He calls Srimati Radhika & manjaris automatically chase behind Her.
-Respect all vaishnavas & living entities.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika listening to hari-katha of Srila Rupa Gosvami & Srila Sanatana Gosvami on pretext of cooking sweet rice for them.
-Spiritual life means how to dedicate the life in hari-katha, harinama, shastra.
-Our aim & object is how Srila Gurudeva will be pleased.
-Importance of guru’s mercy.
-Don’t criticize anyone & don’t associate with vaishnava-aparadhi.
-How Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja is indifferent to hear vaishnava-ninda.
-Story of an ISKCON sannyasi speaking to Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaja & Krishna Kripa brahmachari in Keshavaji Gaudiya Matha
-Guru-nishtha, guru-bhakti is backbone of our sadhana.
-Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Gosvami Maharaja speaking about his service to his Gurudeva.
-History of Gaudiya matha after Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvatipada tirobhava.
-In the Gaudiya sampradaya, some follow Shiva chaturdashi and others do not, because they think they are already observing Advaita saptami. Therefore, follow the instructions of your guru. Whatever guru says is absolute.

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