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21/01/22 midday – On Brazilian TV (English) – Brazil

-Question: Is the Covid pandemic the individual karma of humans or is it the karma of countries and the world?
-Question: If God gives people intelligence, what can they do to fight a pandemic except turn to God in prayer? Can they, using the intelligence given to them, create medicines and other things that can help people? What else can human society do?
-Question: What is the difference between individual and collective prayer? Does it make a difference to God if more than one person speaks to him in prayer?
-Question: Why have we had religions in our life since times immemorial?
-Question: What are the sequences of people killing animals and misbehaving?
-Question: What is maha-mantra and what meaning does it have?
-Question: Why is there a spiritual male Krishna and a female Radha, and why do they transform into Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu?
-Question: Why Mahaprabhu deity is barefoot and why He is standing on the lotus flower?
-Question: Is it beneficial to walk barefoot?
-Question: Does Hare Krishna maha-mantra give the effect of physical healing
-Question: Why do you use the Sanskrit language? Where does it come from?
-Question: What is the role of a spiritual master?

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13/09/21midday – TV program – Brazil

-Question: What is the religion you represent?
-Question: detachment from the material world a part of your philosophy?
-Question: If a person achieves enlightenment can he leave this world for a spiritual world? Is it a part of your philosophy?
-Question: Many religions are serious but your religion is joyful. Why is it different from others? Should religion be joyful?
-About Ratha-yatra festival
-Question: Are you vegetarians or vegans?
-Question: What is the benefit of bhakti-yoga? Why to practise this type of yoga?
-Question: Does bhakti-yoga help calm one’s mind?
-Question: Do you have some fasting?
-Question: Why do we suffer in this material world and how to get happiness?
-Question: Is there a way to get out of maya?
-Question: Jesus Christ gave instruction to a rich man to distribute his riches and become detached. Can you please comment on the detachment in your religion?
-Question: Can Brazilian and Indian music be closer to each other?
-Question: Is love about absence of judgement?
-Question: What is your position on environmental protection?
-Question: Is God one?
-Question: Why does the Lord have so many forms? How can we explain this concept to Christians?
-Question: What is the importance of having a spiritual guide in our life?
-Question: What is the importance of being humble?

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