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25/06/22 midday – Glories of Radha and Krishna (English) -USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Reject jiva-brahma-aikya-jnana but study tat-padartha-jnana and tvam-padartha-jnana
-Mercy of Guru and Nityananda
-The story of a princess losing her necklace
-Krishna loves Vrajavasis
-Sri Radha is the source of all perfections
-To kill demons is not Krishna’s duty
-4 extraordinary qualities of Krishna
-Beauty of Krishna’s form
-Gopis are envious with Krishna’s flute
-Krishna is the expert in playing the flute
-Clean all anarthas from your heart – ceto darpana marjanam
-Srimati Radhika feeds Her shuka pomegranate seeds and kisses him

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25/06/22am – Dancing of the Lord at Ratha-yatra (9) (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Srimati Radhika humbly asking Krsna to come to Vraja.
-Vrajavasis heart & soul is Vrindavanа but not other places.
-Srimati Radhika in a submissive mood glorifying Krsna.
-Baddha-jivas illusioned & punished by Мaya-devi out of her mercy for their reluctance to serve Krsna.
-Gopis are always absorbed with Krsna as they are transcendental.
-Baddha-jivas 3 bodies & how chitta with past life impressions affect them.
-Forgiveness is a great virtue. Forgive & forget.
-How past life impressions can go away.
-Atma has a nice beautiful form in a dormant way like a small seed.
-Which type of forms does each rasa devotees have.
-Gopis are nitya-parikaras of Krsna performing lila arranged by Yogamaya.
-janma karma ca me divyam sloka discussion.
-Vrajavasis are ragatmika-jana doing all their household activities being absorbed in Krsna.
-Srimati Radhika getting angry & asking Krsna how did He forget His parents &
Vrajavasis love
-Description of beautiful kunja & arrangements done by Yogamaya.
-External crying & internal happiness is coming in transcendental viraha.
-Gaudiya mission means crying school for Krsna.
-Sikshatakam ‘nayanaṁ galad-aśru-dhārayā’ sloka discussion.

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24/06/22pm – Nama-mahatmya (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-The glories of Syamarani didi
-Harer nama harer nama sloka
-Chant the holy names anytime in any circumstances
-Holy name is higher than Sri Hari
-Ceto darpana marjanam, Ke ami ke ami slokas
-You are the internal soul
-Self-realisation is best realisation
-Offences are removed by regular chanting of the holy names
-Tunde tandavini ratim sloka
-Smara-garala-khandanam sloka
-Buy one-way ticket to Vrindavana
-Control the urges of your senses
-Vapu-seva, vani-seva
-This material world is a garden of God. You have to give water to living entities
-Be one-pointed with manjari-bhava, remove all unwanted branches
-The glories of Hari-vasari Ekadashi
-Srila BV Svami Maharaja compared ice to baddha-jivas
-Naham vipro sloka

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24/06/22аm – Dancing of the Lord at Ratha-yatra (8) (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Krsna saying about reason for separation to gopis in Kurukshetra.
-Gopis getting angry on Krsna’s instruction to meditate on His lotus feet like yogis.
-Paramatma is everywhere in all atoms inside & outside.
-About 3 aspects of Absolute Truth.
-Aishvarya-mula-bhakti & madhurya-mula-bhakti.
-Gopis never believe Krsna as Bhagavan & consider Him as their family member.
-About Bhagavan’s 6 opulences.
-Krsna gets intoxicated by His own beauty & sees it in the mirror of radha-prema.
-Only vraja-prema can bind Krsna. Eg:Yashoda-maiya & Srimati Radhika.
-Santa-rasa in Srimati Radhika’s mana gives Krsna pleasure.
-Everything in the spiritual world is chetana & have love & affection towards Krsna doing His seva.
-About glories of Krsna’s bodily effulgence.
-Lila of Yogamaya manifesting as a snake to help Krsna break Radharani’s mana.
-Lord always speaks the Truth.
-Lila of Krsna saying His image has taken butter but not Him to Yashoda-maiya.
-Lila of Krsna becoming helpless & falling at sakhis feet to enter kunja where Srimati Radhika is there with mana.
-How & when did the last sloka of Shikshastakam came with reference to radha-krsna-lila.
-Lila of Vrinda-devi asking Krsna to go as sadhu & thereby called upon by Lalita & Vishakha-devi to see Radhika’s fate saw Radhika eye to eye & broke Her mana.
-Radhika told Krsna it’s difficult for Her to forget Him as Her mind is always absorbed in Him.
-Transcendental prema vs material lust
-5 main things to do to attain Goloka Vrindavana.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika in bhava asking Chitra-devi not to draw Krsna’s lotus feet as He will escape.

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23/06/22pm – Sri Srivasa Pandita Disappearance (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-A house without hari-bhajana is a snake hole while a house with hari-bhajana is Goloka Vrindavana
-Krishna-seva-vritti is the most important
-The glories of Srivasa Thakura
-The story of how Narada Rishi thought to conquer lust
-The story of how Narada Rishi made Shiva and Parvati deal with each other
-Krishna-katha is a sweet nectar
-The story of how Narada Rishi made the wife and the husband deal with each other and listen to hari-katha
-The brahmana of Srivasa’s dream saves Srivasa when he falls from the balcony
-The lils of how the payupahari wanted to be present in Mahaprabhu’s nama-sankirtana
-The lila of Krishna noticing a kajal on only one gopi’s eye (Ajnok place in Vraja-mandala parikrama)
-The story of Narada who went to bring water to Krishna and was delayed for many years

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23/06/22am – Dancing of the Lord at Ratha-yatra (7) (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Mahaprabhu recited the verse from Sahitya-darpana.
-Only Svarupa Damodara & Rupa Gosvami understood Mahaprabhu’s bhava.
-Krsna meeting Vrajavasis in Kurukshetra & pacifying them.
-Mahaprabhu speaking to Lord Jagannatha the way Radharani spoke to Krsna in Kurukshetra.
-Madhurya-rasa bhaktas don’t like opulences & they are simple living.
-Effects of eating highly delicious foods, wearing gorgeous dresses.
-Story of a fat sadhu saved by his guru from the king’s punishment of sitting on a spear.
-Srimati Radhika requesting Krsna to come to Vrindavana as aishvarya mood in Kurukshetra isn’t compatible for Their meeting.
-Krsna’s flute chanting Radhe Radhe.
-About Radha-kunda, ashta-sakhis kundas & Svananda-sukhada kunja.
-Gopis getting angry on Krsna’s instruction to meditate on His lotus feet like yogis.
-19 symbols on Krsna’s lotus feet & significance of meditating on chakra symbol.
-Vritarasura’s desire to have pure devotees association & not to have family attachment.
-Gopis have mamata towards Krsna & don’t consider Him as Bhagavan.
-Gopis don’t want to do meditation to get liberated like Brahmaji but rather want to serve Krsna.
-Transcendental love vs material love characteristics.
-What do gopis think when Krsna walks in Vrindavana.
-Guru’s love & affection is eternal.
-One who has a transcendental relationship with guru & Krsna will cry.
-Anushtanika-diksha & paramarthika-diksha & about chanting of mantras.

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22/06/22pm – The Glories of Syamarani didi (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-The glories of Srila BV Svami Maharaja
-Syamarani didi’s Svarupa of the jiva is a great book
-Svarupa of the jiva is inherent and cannot be changed
-Bhakta-bhagavata and grantha-bhagavata
-Siddha-pranali: sraddha, sadhu-sanga, bhajana-kriya, anartha-nivritti, nistha, ruci, asakti, bhava and prema
-Siddha-pranali by Mahaprabhu: trinad api sunicena…
-Hari-katha is very powerful but never listen to it from the lips of a non-Vaishnava
-The glories of vani-seva
-The glories of Syamarani didi
-The one who has guru-nishtha can deliver the whole universe
-Associate with rasika-jnanas to submerge into high class vraja-sringara-rasa
-Miami is the place of prema-samudra

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22/06/22am – Dancing of the Lord at Ratha-yatra(6) (English) – USA | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Yaḥ kaumāra hara sa eva hi vara – mundane poetry recited by Mahaprabhu
-Only Svarupa Damodara and Rupa Gosvami realised the heart of Mahaprabhu
-The gopis and Krishna talk to each other in Kuruksetra
-Tadiyata-bhava, madiyata-bhava
-Ghrita-sneha, madhu-sneha
-Paramour mood in the material and transcendental world
-Mahamaya and Yogamaya’s activity
-Vrajavasis did not know about Krishna’s rasa-lila
-The gopis compare Vrindavana and Kurusketra
-Desa, kala, patra – place, time and audience
-Srimati Radhika is Krishna’s guru

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