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11/09/21pm – Significance of the Spiritual Process – Brazil

-Material science vs spiritual science-Unlimited cycle of birth and date-We are suffering from three modes of maya and false ego-What is maya-Material life is useless without spiritual life-Story of Narada Rishi bringing message to a very busy king (needle and moskito net)-Chant holy...

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17/08/21pm – Study Spiritual Science – Brazil

-Gauranga’s prediction that His name will be chanted everywhere-All we are eternal servants of Krishna-Balagra-shata-bhagasya (Shvetashvatara Upanishad 5.9) – dimensions of the spirit soul-Krishnakathamritam is the food of the soul-2 birds on a tree: one is jivatma &...

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15/08/21pm – Atma-tattva – Brazil

-If you don’t listen to Hari Katha or speak about Hari Katha then life is a waste.-Difference between Conscious Human being & Inert things.-Consciousness means feeling , willing & Knowing.-Human beings can inquire about spirituality, who am I? but animals cannot.-Soul...

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01/05/21pm – How to develop spiritual life

King Rahugan and Bharata MaharajAll we are eternal servants of KrishnaAnything impossible can become possible, but the Lord can only be reached by associating with a pure devotee of the LordLila of Indra becoming a pigIn the realm of love there is always meeting and separation4 types of...

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22/01/21 am – Attaining Topmost Happiness – Brazil

-In this material world everyone wants happiness in different ways. -Why jivas hanker for happiness? -Story of Kumbhakarna asking for nidra asana instead of indra asana from Lord Brahma. -This material world is dukhalayam as there is no perfect happiness. -Brahmananda is inferior to...

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