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17/11/21pm – Carana pahadi (Bengali)

-The name of this place is Khira-sagara-Here Krishna tried to persuade gopis that He is ananta-shesha Bhagavan-Brahma, Prithivi-devi and demigods came to Khira-sagara for Lord Vishnu’s help-Stones melted hearing the sound of the flute-We are chanting holy names but our hearts are not...

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13/11/21pm – Surya-kunda (Bengali)

-Srimati Radhika used to come to worship sun god as an excuse to meet Krishna.-Surya Kunda Mukuta Sila Katha.-Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur getting orders from Shivaji & manifesting Gaura dham.-Srila Jagannatha das babaji ordering disciples to cultivate brinjal plants to serve Vaishnavas...

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11/11/21am – Ter-kadamba (Bengali)

-Krishna with sweet words called His cows here-Srimati Radhika everyday goes from Yavat to Nandagaon with Kundalata and other sakhis-Srimati Radhika deliberately tears Her necklace to have Krishna’s darshana-Srimati Radhika comes as an ordinary girl to listen to the katha of Rupa and...

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25/10/21am – Nidhuvan (Bengali)

-We are performing internal Vrindavana-parikrama-Seva-kunj and Nidhuvan are the most special places of Vrundavana-Love vs lust-Read ‘Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi’-Krishna begs manjaris to enter Radharani’s kunja-Svapna-vilasa grantha-Story of how Haridasa rejected to sing to Akbar emperor...

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24/10/21midday – Vamshivat (Bhandirvana) Bengali

-Gopis promise Krishna to make the road out of their bodies so that Krishna can walk without getting dirty in the clay wet from their tears-There are the names of the gopis inside the sound klim-Yogamaya can reduce and increase the space-Krishna played vamsi for rasa lila & to collect...

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11/10/21pm – Nama-sankirtana in Kali-yuga (Bengali) – Mathura

-Chaitanya Mahaprabhu stays in Puri to follow mothers order.-Mahaprabhu’s priya dham is Navadvipa dham.-Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur in Bhajan Rahasya first sloka said gaudiya vasi are Mahaprabhu’s most beloved.Bengali devotees are very special.-Kartik Parikrama during Srila...

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