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26/01/21 – Vaishhava Aparadhas (Morning Walk) – Brazil

-Take a vow that you will chant minimum no of fixed rounds & chanting more than that is good. -Learn the slokas in sequence from Gaudiya Kanta Hara or slokamritha. -Regarding the hands & feet of Radha Krishna having the colour pink. -Pink colour is symptom of Anuraag.Anuraag is...

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25/01/21 – Gauranga Mahaprabhu lila (Morning Walk )

-Chant First Pranam mantra & then Pancha Tattva. -Only by the causeless Mercy of Guru Radha Krishna & Chaitanya Mahaprabhu will manifest in your heart. -How Gaura Arati is done in Gauranga Mahaprabhu Lila. -2 types of Gauranga Mahaprabhu Lila 1.Nitya Lila in Svetadweep Dham 2...

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05/01/21 – Morning Walk, Q&A

– How is it possible that Bhishma, who serves his guru Parashurama in the sattva-guna, fights with him? – How should we pray to Gauranga Mahaprabhu? Mahaprabhu will not hear your prayer if you pray to Him directly. Pray to your guru and he will pray for you – How to...

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30/12/20 – Unbridled Kripa of Caitanya Mahaprabhu – Brazil

– The mercy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is called nirankusha kripa – Mahaprabhu’s mercy is like rain that falls everywhere. He pours it onto His intimate associates, those who are close to Him and those who are far from Him – Sri Gaurasundara’s mercy chases...

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29/12/20 – Morning Walk – Definition of Diksa – Brazil

– Definition of diksa (paramarthik and anusthaniki diksa); – How can we develop since sraddha; – Paramarthiki diksa: bhagavatiya and pancharatriki; – Bhava dasa: the divya jñana converts into bhava; – Kunja seva, nikunja seva and nibhrita nikunja; –...

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