-You forget me and Krishna but I never forget you
-I have come to you to remind you that you are not the residents of this material world
-Return back to your home, Goloka Vrindavana
-If you chant the holy names, Maya will transform into Yogamaya and take you to Goloka Vrindavana
-The story of the blind man in the stadium
-Maya is a brilliant architect. She builds a body that one rents out until one’s mortal hour arrives
-The bathroom and toilet should not be built on the north and east sides of the house, as Shiva resides there
-Mantra is a mystic power
-The material sound (shabda samanya) and transcendental sound (shabda brahma)
-Shabda brahmana power effect
-Stay with your families and chant the holy names, then your life will be successful


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