-In Jagannatha Puri there are two vigrahas: Radha-viraha-vidura Krishna and Krishna-viraha-vidura Radha
-We go to Jagannatha Puri to get the mood of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
-Vipralambha-bhava is very important in our spiritual life
-4 types of viraha and milana
-Radhika bhava gambhira
-The story of how blind people touched parts of an elephant and drew a picture of it
-Purna, purnatama and purnatara dhamas
-The Vrajavasis never believe that Krishna is Bhagavan
-Tattva-siddhanta and rasa-siddhanta go side by side but cannot be mixed
-Without a meeting, there is no separation
-Krishna’s original form and Srimati Radhika’s original form are always in Vrindavana
-The conditioned soul has to listen to hari-katha
-One life just listen, the next life you will understand and realisation will come
-On viraha and milana in Bhauma Vrindavana
-The definition of purvaraga and mana
-Prema-vaichittya: Srimati Radhika stays with Krishna but feels separated from Him
-Svakiyata and parakiyata
-Marriage contracts in the material world
-Our vision depends on our relations (some see vigraha as a statue, pure devotees see vigraha as sac-cid-ananda)
-Chanting gopala-mantra and gayatri-mantra will give sambandha, relations
-If you commit offences realisations will not come


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