-Demigods are very jealous that’s why they create obstacles for those who perform bhajana
-Demigods are baddha-jivas in satvika mode, demons are baddha-jivas in ignorance mode and people are baddha-jivas in passion mode
-Adhivasa is a mangala (auspicious) activity (mantras, nama, etc) which are performed a day before Vyasa-puja
-Banana leaves are very auspicious
-Sat-kriya-sara-dipika, vyasa-panchaka
-Kashmere brahmanas used to be very strict
-Holding a preparation ceremony for Vyasa-puja
-The story of how a businessman promised the king that he would make money anywhere and made it on the beach, counting the waves
-Business in the stock market is dangerous
-Sadhus make money by chanting holy names
-The story of a criminal police chief catching a killer disguised as a sadhu


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