-Question: How to become sincere in our service?
-Accept what is favourable for bhakti and reject what is not unfavourable for it
-Control your mind with abhasa and vairagya
-Our senses work only if they are connected to our mind
-Harinama is very powerful, chant and your mind will be quiet
-Bhakti-yoga affects body, mind and speech
-When you do your morning walk, meditate that you are in dhama
-Do not do prajalpa-walk. When you are walking, do not have the mundane talk, rather chant the holy names
-Guru nourishes his disciples in 4 ways: as a bird, a fish, a tortoise, and a crocodile
-The tendency of maya is to be very close to those in saffron clothes
-Maya attacks: brothers killing each other; cat and mouse
-Maya creates mirages in the desert
-Nimi Maharaja asks the Nava Yogendra Rishis about who is our Ishtadevа in Kali-yuga and with what mantra He should be worshipped
-Read Archana-dipika and practise
-Reading order of Srimad-Bhagavatam: 1-9 Cantos (sambandha-tattva); 11-12 Cantos (abhidheya-tattva) and 10 Canto (prayojana-tattva)
-Kanishtha-adhikari is called a bhakta-abhasa. He lacks two things: shastra-jnana and the knowledge of how to give respect to other Vaishnavas
-Tyaktva su-dustyaja-surepsita-rajya-lakshmim sloka
-Question: Can surrendering to the Guru be a way of controlling the mind?
-Question: What is the process of surrendering to a guru?
-6 limbs of sharanagati


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