-Question: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu promises to give prema to those who chant the holy names. I chant them repeatedly, but why does prema not come to me?
-Without following the four principles prema will not come
-Always be enthusiastic about achieving your goal
-Avoid asat-sanga which is harmful to your bhakti
-Give up all kinds of offences
-Why do Vaishnavas give respect to Shiva-chaturdashi
-If Guru is unhappy with you, even Krishna will not protect you
-Ravana did not honour his guru Shivaji, so even though he was powerful, he was defeated in the battle with Ramachandra
-Question: What do the mantras we say during the mangala-arati mean?
-Question: Gurudeva, you say never give up guru and harinama, but how do I know when I give them up? Sometimes I don’t chant harinama and I don’t listen to hari-katha. Does that mean that I have given up guru and harinama? Because Gurudev is like a fisherman, all his disciples are on the hook
-Do not misuse your independence potency
-Question: Is it an offence to chant harinama while watching TV?
-Question: Can the holy names be chanted low or must they be chanted loudly?
-Question: Is it possible to chant and listen to hari-katha at the same time?
-Question: If I only have time for nama-sankirtana or harinama, which should I choose? And what if I don’t have time to do harinama during parikrama?
-Narahari Seva-vigraha prabhu had to serve the whole day. He chanted at night and used to tie himself by his shikha to a hook on the wall to wake up if he suddenly fell asleep
-Chant every day at least 16 rounds, that is 1.5 hours, possible to manage


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