-Very carefully observe Ekadashi
-Give respect to pastime places of Krishna
-Krishna Himself manifested as Ekadashi
-Madhavi-tithi, Sri Hari-vasari-tithi, and Upavasa are the other names for Ekadashi
-Vasara is the place where Lord Hari takes rest
-Today is Sat-tila Ekadashi. If you offer tila (sesame seeds) to Krishna on this day, next life you will be very rich
-Sita-devi once observed vidha Ekadashi (Dashami mixed)
-Gopis do everything for Krishna’s happiness. When He needed the dust from their lotus feet as a remedy for a headache, the gopis immediately gave it, while the queens of Dvaraka did not dare to give it
-Do not drink water or milk on Nirjala Ekadashi
-All people aged 8 to 80 should observe Ekadashi
-You will get benefit even if you observe Ekadashi unknowingly
-On Ekadashi chant more rounds as usual
-Perfect Upavasa is listening to hari-katha and chanting the holy names
-Sriman Mahaprabhu on Ekadashi in the house of Srivasa Thakura
-The story of how Vaikanasа Maharajа freed a ghost from his body by giving him the fruits of his Ekadashi


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