-The meaning of sannyasa is to renounce sense gratification & the material world
-26:00 The different types of renunciation
-28:00 the 4 types of castes, and 4 types of ashrams
-29:00 without following varnashrama dharma, no one can progress in their spiritual life. According to adhikar, one stays in their respective varnashrama.
-Everyone should follow the rules of the society where they reside, or disturbance will come. In maya-jagat, the world of Maya, there are also rules and regulations.
-37:00 ”God creates man after His own image”.
-Vivegya: discrimination power that gives human beings their capacity to perform a spiritual life, versus animals
-Envious people cause problems for no reason
-5:00 6 types of people, offenders, who don’t want to receive mercy from Lord Caitanya
-Always give respect to your seniors


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