-The meaning of life is to help others
-The Lord created many species but was not satisfied and finally created a human being
-Animals have compassion in their hearts, but only humans can best help their fellow man
-Jive daya parama dharma
-If you do not help others, you are not on the list of human beings
-You help people and God blesses you
-You did not see God but you love Him
-Compassion is given in 3 forms: krama-yoga, jnana-yoga and bhakti-yoga
-Just as water has different names in different languages but does not change, so God is one but has different names
-GOD is Generator, Operator and Destroyer
-Chant the holy names, be happy and help others
-Eat and feed: The story of how demons, demigods and humans were tasked by God to eat food without using their hands
-Mahaprabhu relishes prema with one hand and distributes it with the other


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