Part 1

-If love comes in your life, automatically smile coming. Lord Jagannatha is always smiling.
-Narada Rsi asks Lord Jagannatha why did He manifest this form, and only staying in one place.*
-Story of the benediction Lord Ramachandra asked Dasarath Maharaja for: to give up the curse he gave to His mother Kaikai. (as Gurudeva explains)
-*continued: Lord Krsna told to Narada Rsi to not ask Him about His family affairs, domestic problems.
-Sadhu will not interfere in family problems, have to solve ourselves. Only advice given; how to develop sadhana-bhajana.
-Narada Rsi humbly insisted to know the Lords domestic problem; why He manifested His daru-bramha-jagannatha, His wooden form. Lord Caitanya’s form also made of wood, neem.
-Lord Krishna told Narada Rsi in confidence why this form has no legs, no arms; of His domestic problem.
-Curse of Yudhisthira Maharaja for all women not to keep secrets, because his mother Kunti Devi never told about Karna being his brother.
-Lord Krishna told of His two wives: One very talkative; other is very restless, chanchala.
-His son like Kamadeva, and always travelling.
-His bed Ananta-sesa and His carrier Garuda, always quarrelling. He is always alone, how to solve?
-Sarvabhauma is talkative, especially when angry, like a cobra.
-Story of parijat flower from heaven.
-Two wives of Lord Jagannatha: Satyabhama and Lakshmi, always travelling, chancala.
-Money is called the personification of Lakshmi.
-Krishna is manifesting His maha-bhava-prakasha as Lord Jagannatha; in separation from Srimati Radhika.
-How They feel separation from each other, calling and crying for each other.
-Material love is sense gratification.
-Vrajendra-nandana Krishna never steps one foot out of Vrindavana and Vrishavanu-nandini Sri Radha also never leaves Vrindavana, visible or invisible.
-Samyogini Radha met Krishna in Kurukshetra, and viyogini Radha stays in Uddhava-kyari (bhramara-gita katha)
-Krishna crying in separation mood in Dvaraka from Vrajavasis.
-Katha of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu dancing in front of Lord Jagannatha: how Krishna is remembering rasa-lila, and their sweet chastisements mana, parakiya mood.
-Without reading the beautiful and relishable Prema-samputa by Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, cannot understand these moods. But must not read it like a gopi or go to hell.
-All chant holy names and remember Jagannatha krpa, mercy.
-All follow instruction of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu: stay in house with family, but always chant holy names.

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