-Mahaprabhu’s dancing and singing at Ratha-yatra
-Playing the mridanga and singing at the same time takes a lot of energy
-Kirtana makes the heart happy
-Anyabhilasita sunyam sloka discussion
-Thanks to those who prepared prasadа and painted the chariot for Ratha-yatra
-Always think that everything is prepared by Gurupada-padma and that Krishna gives energy in your heart to do something
-The story of the Pandavas and Barbaric (in brief)
-Radha is where Krishna is and Krishna is where Radha is
-Separation is very important in our sadhaka life. It nourishes the meeting
-Your mind is a chariot and your heart is a throne
-Only hari-katha will clear your heart. God gave us ears to listen to hari-katha
-If you do many services but do not listen to hari-katha your heart will never be cleaned
-The importance of gundicha-marjanа-mandirа-lila for a sadhaka
-If you realise that you are to blame for your own problems (karma), your mind will stop becoming disturbed
-How to solve all problems? Chant holy names


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