-Tomorrow is Vasanta-panchami. You need to decorate everything today
-Deity clothing should be changed at least every 3 days, i.e. twice a week
-As my Gurudevа said, “Serving the Deities is not easy at all. In the beginning, everyone is eager to serve them, but then it becomes like a throne in one’s throat.” (First vigraha, then galagraha)
-Most disputes and mind-stresses in temples are due to inappropriate service to the Deities
-Our acharyas did not build temples and served the Deities with their bhava
-The story of one devotee distributing Govardhanа’s shalagrama shilas to everyone, and Gurudevа became very angry with him
-Whoever takes something from Govardhanа is an offender. If one takes something from Govardhanа, one should replace it with an equal piece of gold
-Vasantika-rasa-lila is higher than sharadiya-rasa-lila
-Categories of gopis performing vasantika dance
-Most sadhana-siddha-gopis became gopis after receiving the mercy of Lord Ramachandra
-Madhava madhava yahi mavada kaitava
-There are 360 types of gopis
-Why do Western devotees ask me if I am hungry at 3 p.m.? ) It is clear that you are. Western devotees always ask, and if you tell them no, they won’t feed you, but Hindus will feed you anyway )
-A joke on in-law words: son-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, etc.
-The story of a shy son-in-law who couldn’t eat at his father-in-law’s house
-Rati Sukha Sare
-Your nitya-dharma is to always forget and my nitya-dharma is to always remind you
-Rahasi samvido ya hrdi sprsah
-The gopis criticise Brahma for creating only two eyes with which they cannot get a good look at Krishna returning from the grazing field
-Krishna is parihasa-patu (expert in joking), priya-vashibhuta (controlled by His lover), nishchintata (free from all anxiety) and nava-yauvanam cha (ever youthful)
-Krishna is amazed at Radhika’s softness of Her feet (ratula carana)
-8 main types of heroines
-The glories of Radha-kunda


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