– Avirbhava and tirobhava tithi is the same for Gaudiya Vaishnavas – You cannot get the fruit only by listening to Srimad-Bhagavatam but being absorbed in it – Types of rasa-lilas. Main of them are sharadiya-rasa, haimantika rasa-lila, vasantika-rasa – Without many consorts Krishna will not be happy – Panchayati rasa-lila – Yogamaya arranges rasa-lila – Тhe moon stilled, watching the beauty of the rasa dance – Srimati Radhika manifests mana (svapatni bhava) seeing Krishna dancing with other gopis – Pacifying mana of gopis gives pleasure to Krishna – Difference between sharadiya-rasa and vasantika-rasa – Shukadeva Gosvami has so much love for gopis – Case at the airport when parents tried to pass their son using their daughter’s passport – Question: Why Yogamaya did not allow the gopis, who were in transcendental bodies, to the rasa dance? – Due to Yogamaya’s arrangement Vrajavasis did not know about Krishna performing rasa dance – Question: If the gopis left their bodies like a snake sheds its skin, does that mean that their bodies were once material? – Gurudev recalls three subsequent years of floods in Bengal – If you think about something bad in your mind but don’t do it physically, it is not considered an offense because the mind in Kali-yuga is very evil – Question: How to understand the scriptures’ statement that one should neither criticize nor glorify? – He who repeats the guru-mantra is free from the influence of astrology and the planets – Оn how service without hypocrisy is rewarded

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