Part 1

-Ajamila was a brahmin initially & after he met the prostitute his old brahmana samskaras got covered & he started committing sinful activities. -He kept his son’s name as Narayana & by calling his son’s name he got sukriti & got the association with Vishnudutas & Yamadutas. -Ajamila’s sukriti only changed him. Many people don’t go towards God in spite of difficulties as they don’t have sukriti. -Materialistic life is temporary & relations in one life will not continue to the next life. -In materialistic life there is always dualism. -Every person has purvard & uttarard. -Every person sees dreams in his life. Some succeed & some fail. -Only Devatas & Animals won’t see dreams. -Mind has 2 activities 1.Consciousness 2.Unconsciousness. -Joke on teacher telling students to drink cows milk for higher intelligence & students counters by saying that calf drinks daily. -Joke on teacher asking student the meaning of I love you. -One who is not in conscious (jagrith) state or in deep sleep but in sushukthi state dreams will come for them. -Man proposes God disposes. -Father,Mother gives birth to children but not their karma as children bring their own karma. -If you do Guru seva then Gurudev will come in dreams. -Everything has an inherent characteristic which is its dharma. Minds dharma is to think (chintan)

Part 2

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