Part 1

-Vrindavan is Milanatmika Dham & Navadvipa Dham is Viraha Dham. -Without viraha prema won’t be relishable.Viraha nourishes milana. -Milana will be relished depending upon the degree of viraha experienced before milana. -If there is always meeting there won’t be any utkantha (anxiety to meet). -Ullasa (joyfullness) means the happiness one feels in the heart after attaining desired ones or things. -In viraha utkantha (anxiety) increases the desire to meet beloved. -Story of a crow fetching its thirst from a small quantity of water in bottle by throwing stones to tell about uthkantha. -By Navadvipa Dhama mercy we attain Vrindavan Dham & bhakti, Radha Prema manifests to the extent we surrender to Gauranga. -Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifests in this material world along with His associates & Dham to give highest Vraja Prema to jivas. Even demigods cannot attain vraja-prema. -Tulasi das says that people stand in a line in front of house selling alcohol whereas a milkman has to go to each house to deliver milk. -Navadvipa Dham nourishes milana & gives mercy to attain Vrindavan. -Nityananda Prabhu says even if one time one chants or remembers Gauranga prema will be manifested. -In chanting Krishna Nama offenses has to considered but not for Gaura Nama. -In Navadvipa Dham Mahatya Bhaktivinod Thakur says even if you do bhajana for 1000 years the mind won’t be stable & fixed. -Mind will even say wrong about Guru. Mahaprabhu shows mercy even to guru aparadhis & cleanses their heart & submits to your gurupada.

Part 2

-Brahmaji glorifies Vrajavasis for considering Govinda as family member or a beloved one but not as Bhagavan. -Krishna gave a smile (muskaan) after Brahmaji glorified Krishna. -Brahmaji thought he did offense & disturbed Krishna Lila by stealing gopas & calves. Brahmahi goes to Navadipa Dham to get mercy. -You will get rid of your offenses by going to Aparadha Bhanjan Sthali. If you cannot go just pray to Gauranga Mahaprabhu to show mercy. -Antardvipa Mayapur is Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s janma sthana & Brahmaji did yagna for 1000 years there. -Nimai’s Lila with Saci Mata asking for butter. -Krishna’s Lila with Yashoda Mata asking for moon thinking it as butter for eating. -Saci Mata is thinking as how Nimai got the flute & how sweetly He is playing. -Radha Krishna Lila in Javat making Jatila & Kutila fools who shows the flute as proof of meeting of Krishna & Radha. -Saci Mata is thinking Nimai as her son & not as Bhagavan due to vatsalya. -Saci Mata sees the footprints of Nimai in deity room & considers Them to be of Lord Narayana due to the symbols on footprints. -Glories of Kheer MahaPrasad in Narasimha Pali where Lord Narasimha Dev was glorified by devatas after Lord kills Hiranyakashipu. -With faith remember or pray to Narasimha Dev to get rid of obstacles. Always keep faith in Guru & Vaishnava.

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