– Vasanta panchami is a very auspicious day. Any undertaking on this day will end in success – Only vegetarians who chant holy names can wear kanthimala – Glories of Tulasi. Story of boy who touched Tulasi as he was dying, and that’s how he got to Vaikuntha – Keep 3 things in your house: Tulasi, water of the Ganges and Bhagavad-gita. Then ghosts will never come to your house – Glorification of Western devotees – Why we do not hear the sound of Krishna’s flute – Sharadiya-rasa – Rishis of Dandakaranya became gopis – Read Gita-govinda of Srila Gurudev – Glories of Radha-kunda – Just as you eat every day, chant harinama every day. Avoid fasting in the chanting of harinama

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