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How to clean our heart. Poland, 28.06.2014 evening

How to develop bhajana and sadhana22:45 lila (Mahaprabhu giving mercy to the king Prataparudra in the Ratha yatra)27:37 lila (Visvamitra and Vasistha looking for the answer of which is higher karma, jnana, tapasya or sadhu-sanga)43:45 lila (Mahaprabhu dancing in front of Jagannatha)

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Gundica-marjana-lila. Poland, 28 06 2014 morning

00:11:22 Lila (the inner mood of Mahaprabhu in the Gundica Marjana, thinking to be Radha and cleaning the kunja because Krsna is coming)00:31:49 lila (Mahaprabhu cleaning Gundica temple with His associates)

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The glories of Lord Jagannatha. Poland, 27 06 2014 evening

00:28:07 – story of a Muslim boy dying in the battle field but remembering Lord Jaganatha00:43:10 – lila (history of the manifestation of Lord Jagannatha, Indradymna Maharaj alooking for Nila Madhava)01:11:13 lila (Rohini devi telling who are the Vrajabasis to the queens of...

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