-Vrindavana is our life and heart
-Separation nourishes meeting
-The mercy of Guru is readily available, but the mercy of Bhagavan is rare
-Guru-nishtha, guru-bhakti, is the backbone of our spiritual life. The more we have guru-nishta, the more our bhakti will develop
-Jarasandha was Kamsa’s father-in-law. Jarasandhas’s attempts to attack Krishna
-Uddhava advises Krishna to release the kings imprisoned by Jarasandha and then to attend Yudhishthira Maharaja’s rajasuya-yajna
-Uddhava was amazed by the love of the gopis (example of a man in a hat looking at the top of the Himalayas and his hat falling off his head)
-Radha-dasyam is our goal
-Story of a brahmachari and a clay pot
-Bhajana is difficult and easy at the same time. It is difficult if you don’t give up the false ego, and it is easy if you give up the ego


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