-Different khandas of Chaitanya-bhagavata describe Mahaprabhu’s life periods (Adi, Madhya and Shesha)
-God appears in the form of the holy names
-Keshava Kashmiri was a recipient of the mercy of Sarasvati-devi
-On how Govinda gives blessings to Ganesha
-Shiva is Ganga-dhara holding the foot-bathing water of the Lord on his head
-Draupadi had a blessing from Durvasa Rishi as her veil floating on the water helped him to cover his naked body after bathing. So this blessing helped her while Duhshasana was trying to undress her. Also, one day she tore off a piece of her clothes and bandaged the blood on Krishna’s index finger. So then Krishna took the form of a cloth and wrapped her body
-We don’t want to leave this world and Ganga-devi didn’t want to come into it )
-Three reasons why devotees wash the sadhu’s feet: with faith, by tradition or for the sake of imitation
-Blind adherence to tradition: the story of the newlywed woman who wanted to catch a black cat and cover it with a hat because her mother had done so at her wedding
-Nimai frightened the girls who worshipped Shiva that if they did not worship Him instead of Shiva, each of them would become one of the old man’s seven wives
-Nimai disbands His students and holds nama-sankirtana at Srivasа Thakurа’s house all day long and all night long
-”We are Vaishnavas. We do not give up on anyone”: A humorous story about a mother-in-law-to-be instructing her future daughter-in-law to perform puja and chalisa to everyone possible: Hanuman, Devi Kali, Krishna, Ganesha, etc.


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