• The unlimited potencies of the Lord: potency of tatastha-shakti, how jivas come to the material world
  • All the jivas who come to the material world are very fortunate because they have the opportunity to go to the transcendental world
  • Jivas come here with a special kind of rasa. Everything you need to do sadhana you already have. For example, a mango seed grows into a mango tree and so on
  • You see everything in this world according to your mood. If you are lustful, you will see everyone with lust. Example of spectacles: Clear your eyes to see Bhagavan
  • Bhagavan gives happiness and blessings to the hearts of His devotees.
  • Krishna is limitless
  • The glories of taking shelter from Nityananda Prabhu!
  • Have firm faith in guru! Baladeva prabhu is akandha-guru-tattva (the undivided principle of Guru).
  • We should pray to Gurupada-padma. Ask him for everything and remember that everything can be manifested through Gurudev’s mercy
  • Whatever position you are in, keep chanting the holy names
  • Balarama and Nityananda are no different
  • Don’t listen to hari-katha here and there, just have firm faith in Gurudeva and listen to Gurudeva! Listen only to those who are following the genuine guru parampara according to their sampradaya. Because with your qualification you will not be able to understand the different moods and reconcile everything in your mind. Then you become a sahajiya
  • A high-class disciple should remind Gurudeva, himself, and other devotees of the verses. Study the shastras
  • Parama-Gurudeva Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaj was called Gaudiya-shastra-avidhana, The Dictionary of Shlokas of Gaudiya Philosophy
  • Gurudeva talks about the book (only available in English at the link: https://www.purebhakti.com/resources/ebooks-magazines/bhakti-books/english/266-caitanya-mahaprabhu-the-original-form-of-godhead/file?fbclid=IwAR08-UEkoRnTZJ6IldvuS8KhNwjTtjn1ifXkTr_UbCxZzBDB_RJbfD84nGA with Mahaprabhu’s pastimes. “Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: The Original Form of the Lord


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