Hindi: https://www.facebook.com/vanamadhuryamofficial/videos/513238737417101
English translation: https://www.facebook.com/vanamadhuryamofficial/videos/1884030815329584
-Everything in Vrindavan-dhama is in Navadvipa-dhama in a hidden way
-Differences of mercy from and qualifications to be in each Dhama
-The offence of Lord Brahma in Vrindavana harikatha
-No one is against you in Vraja. Everyone is for the lila’s
-Various conditions to expect during Navadvipa Parikrama
-Importance of doing Parikrama of Deities four times when visiting temple
-Lord Brahma repentance prayers to the Lord and his pastime in Navadvipa
-All offences destroyed in Navadvipa-dhama: This is the glories of Navadvipa
-Lord Indra’s offences leading him to repentance in Godruma Dvipa
-And Lord Sivaji’s offence pastimes and repentance of Harihara-kshetra
-You should go to Navadvipa once in your life
-Make a vow to go and the Lord will arrange. Have the desire.
-Listen to harikatha only and don’t criticise Vaishnavas
-If you receive the mercy of Gaurasundara you achieve residence in Vraja-dhama automatically
-Dhama Prabhu arranges everything for everyone
-Sweet story of how the faithful Bengalis reside in the Dhama for Parikrama
-The great fortune of human birth
-Demigods crave to take human birth as human body is like a portal to transcendental world
-Be patient: God has taken us so far! He will take us definitely
-Have firm faith in God and go slowly in sadhana-bhajan
-God is mercifully giving us everything: association with sadhu, association with devotees and this body and mind to understand Him
-If we are sad and we are fighting, we are seeing others being happy, so there is jealousy
-Whatever we have and is given by God we should accept and be grateful
-All is His desire


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