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18/08/22am – Ananda-mayi Abode (Hindi) – India | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Nitya-dhama is ananda-dhama
-In the material world there are opposites: man-woman, happiness-unhappiness, but in the spiritual world, where Ananda-mayi-purusha Lord reigns, there is no opposite of ananda (transcendental bliss)
-Atma-nivedana bhajana
-Happiness and sadness are the feelings of our mind, not our soul
-Everything in the spiritual world, even lions and scorpions, help Krishna’s lilas. It is all arranged by Yogamaya
-The effulgence of Srimati Radhika’s body emanates in every direction. Therefore, when She is going to meet Krishna, Her sakhi smear camphor on Her body to hide this effulgence
-Kalayati nayanam bhajana

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04/04/22pm – Sri Bhagavat-saptaha, day 7 (Hindi) – Delhi

-Where does Krishna stay?
-Krishna does not allow the queens of Dvaraka to manifest mana and He is crazy about gopis’ mana
-Definition of love and lust
-Peacock and peahen are arguing on who is better, Radha or Krishna
-Srimati Radhika is manifested from Sri Krishna’s left side of the body
-Rasa-lila is a great great fortune
-Krishna’s flute steals the gopis’ minds
-Krishna sends gopis home to serve their husbands and tells them a story of a chaste brahmani serving her husband and losing her child in a fire
-Gopis tell Krishna a story of a brahmani serving her husband’s vigraha while her husband was away
-Sri Krsna is param-pati, supreme husband
-Types of love discussed by Krishna and gopis
-Krishna told the gopis He could not repay His debt to them
-Never imitate what Bhagavan is doing
-3 potencies of Bhagavan

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01/04/22am – Vrajavasis laukikа-sat-bandhu-priti & Prema (Hindi) – Delhi

-By tattva-vichara Krsna is established as Supreme Controller.
-By rasa-vichara it is established Krsna is controlled by love.
-Vrajavasis consider Krsna as their family member & not as Bhagavan in spite of Krsna showing opulence.
-Krsna’s beauty, jnana comparison to unlimited universes beauty, jnana.
-Krsna lifting Govardhana & drinking forest fire didn’t make Vrajavasis to consider Him as Bhagavan.
-Krsna’s conversation with Brahma on why he pays obeisances to Krsna.
-Uddhava’s conversation with Nanda Maharaja on Krsna is Bhagavan.
-Paurnamasi-devi saying Krsna is Bhagavan to gopis who repeat the same in viraha.
-Bhagavan doesn’t have 18 faults & does Krsna have these faults?
-Difference between bhaktas’ behaviour in different rasas in rama-lila & krsna-lila.
-Lila of Brahmaji, Prithivi-devi praying to Lord to diminish burden on earth.
-Gopis have parihasa with Krsna.
-In madhurya-rasa 2 types of bhavas: sakhiyatva-bhava & parakiyatva-bhava.
-Vamyata, nivaranata, durlabhata & pracchana-kamakhata in parakiyatva-bhava.
-About dhira-lalita-nayaka & svadhina-bhartrika-nayika among different types of nayakas & nayikas.
-Jayadeva Gosvami’s Gita-govinda & Why Krsna goes for cow-herding.
-Prema is nirmala vastu & it will have more madhurya when hidden.
-3 types of prema darshana-jata, shravana-jata & svataha-siddha/sahaja-prema.
-When did gopis get prema on Krsna in prakrita-lila as per Srila Jiva Gosvamipada.
-About vishrambha-prema, viveka-sunya-prema & utkantha-prema.
-About viraha & milana & their types.

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26/03/22pm – Appearance of Sri Srivasa Thakura (Hindi) – Vrindavana

-Brahma, Paramatma and Bhagavan
-Paramatma bird and jivatma bird
-God has sargun, 6 opulences. Beauty is the main among them
-arupavad eva hi tat pradhanatvat
-Life story of Srivasa Thakura
-Narayani is the niece of Srivasa Thakura and the mother of Vrindavana dasa Thakura
-Malini-devi, the wife of Srivasa Thakura
-Mahaprabhu always resides in 5 places
-If somebody loves you more than your mother, something is wrong here because nobody can love you more than your mother
-Unparallelled seva of Raghava Pandita and Dmayanti to Mahaprabhu
-Nimai Pandita easily defeated Keshava Kashmiri
-Nimai did not want to teach His students anymore
-Sacimata thought Nimai had vayu-roga (disease of having air in the stomach) since He did not eat, did not drink and did not sleep
-Vyasa-puja in the house of Srivasa Thakura
-Nityananda Prabhu proves that Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Svayam Bhagavan
-Srivasa Thakura is hiding the fact that his son has died not to bother Mahaprabhu
-Story of Chapal Gopal who criticised Srivasa Thakura

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22/03/22pm – Bhagavan is multi-pointed and devotees are one-pointed (English translation) – Delhi

-Krishna did not completely relish Srimati Radhika’s prema towards Him
-Srimati Radhika always madly loves Krishna
-If somebody is onepointed with Krishna and he behaves badly he is a sadhu and very soon he will become a good person
-Story from Sri-rangam temple of a one-pointed brahmachari who was tested by Maya-devi disguised as two sisters
-Story of a brahmachari who was a former thief and therefore always took other brahmacharis’ clothes
-Bhagavan/guru is bahu-nishtha or bahukendriya, multi-pointed to all devotees/ disciples and the devotee/disciple is eka-nishtha. This is beautifully described in Jaiva-dharma
-According to rasa-vichara Krishna is one-pointed with Srimati Radhika
-Story of a son who cut his mother’s heart out

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14/11/21am – Damodarashtaka 8 (Hindi) – Govardhan

-Satyavrata Muni’s prayers to attain Madhurya bhava.
-Sadhu’s glorification is done after he leaves the body.
-Different instances when Krishna is tied with rope.
-To whom Satyavrata Muni pays obeisances.
-In Bhagavan’s stomach unlimited universes are there.
-Lila of Lord Rama with Kakabhushandi.
-How Yashoda Mayya has bound Krishna.
-When does one become a suddha bhakta. Is Meerbhai so?
-Ragunaga bhakti meaning.
-3 main things required to enter into Shringar rasa.
-Imp of rasa lila sravan. From whom to hear & is qualification required to hear.
-Do Sravan of rasa lila but don’t imitate.

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11/11/21am – Carana pahari (Hindi)

-Even the stones melt seeing the qualities of God
-If you heart does not melt it means your heart is full of offences
-Kamsa is planning to kill Krishna
-Akrura is visiting Vraja to take Krishna and Balarama to Mathura
-Akrura left Mathura at brahma-muhurta and arrived in Nandagaon when the sun was already setting, because on the way he fell into an ecstatic state, thinking how Krishna and Balarama would meet him
-Akrura persuades Krishna and Balarama to go to Mathura
-Akrura drove his chariot over the bodies of the gopis, and so he subsequently lost his mind
-Krishna’s foot symbols. Rasika meaning of a flag

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