-Satyavrata Muni’s prayers to attain Madhurya bhava.
-Sadhu’s glorification is done after he leaves the body.
-Different instances when Krishna is tied with rope.
-To whom Satyavrata Muni pays obeisances.
-In Bhagavan’s stomach unlimited universes are there.
-Lila of Lord Rama with Kakabhushandi.
-How Yashoda Mayya has bound Krishna.
-When does one become a suddha bhakta. Is Meerbhai so?
-Ragunaga bhakti meaning.
-3 main things required to enter into Shringar rasa.
-Imp of rasa lila sravan. From whom to hear & is qualification required to hear.
-Do Sravan of rasa lila but don’t imitate.

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