– about following the 4 months of Chaturmasya;

– Krsna let mother Yashoda bind Him;

– the two fingers left in the rope;

– importance of utkantha and avesh;

– monkey logic x kitten logic;

– 4 types of Damodara: one in vatsalya-rasa (Yashoda-Damodara), and 3 in madhurya-rasa (Radha-Damodara);

– 3 Radha-Damodaras (madhurya-rasa): bound by Lalita-Vishakha, bound by Rati e Rupa Mañjari, bound by other sakhis;

– mana is crooked: lalita mana (felt by Srimati Radhika and Her group) x udata mana (felt by Chandravli and her group);

– lila of the meeting in Keshava kunja when Padma took Krsna to the kunja of Chandravali, and the mañjaris of Srimati Radhika had to take Krsna out of there;

– Gantholi gaon katha (gopis pretend a “wedding ceremony” of Radha and Krsna);

– Yashoda-Damodara lila;

– story of the snake and the rat inside the basket;

– the beauty of Mother Yashoda when she was running after Krsna to punish Him;

– the pujaris, brahmacharis, sannyasis should always be clean and handsome (exemple of Srila Svami Maharaja);

– about having a big beard;

– about protecting yourself from cold.

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