-Vrindavana dasa Thakura glorifies Nityananda Prabhu
-The pastimes of Mahaprabhu are the abode of bliss
-The parts of Caitanya-bhagavata tell about different Gaurachandra’s pastimes (Adi-khanda, Madhya-khanda and Antya-khanda)
-Ramachandra, Jagannatha (Dvarakadshisha Krishna) and Vrindavana
Krishna are grihasthas; Mahaprabhu is a sannyasi
-Lila on how little Nimai saw thieves breaking into His yard
-Lila on how little Nimai wanted to eat rice during Ekadashi
-Rules for bathing and renewing dishes
-Lila about little Nimai sitting in a contaminated place
-Lila on how little Nimai frightened Shiva-worshipping girls that they would have old and poor husbands
-Lila about baby Nimai asking His mother for butter
-Jagannatha Mishra left his body after Vishvarupa took sannyasa
-In Nimai’s time, Navadvipa was the Oxford of India. And before Navadvipa, this place was Mithila
-Nimai and Keshava Kashmiri
-Gurudeva’s recollection of people hijacking a plane in Calcutta in 1998
-Be enthusiastic, do not become like a wet cat, be like a bear cub climbing the mountain with his mum
-The glories of Srila BV Svami Maharaja; his charisma
-Do your own bhajana. And engage others in bhajana
-Your guru is not your boyfriend. Have guru-nishtha, eka-nishtha in your guru


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