-01:28:00 – We are not this body. We are the soul that lives in the body, just as a man lives in a house
-The Lord is a great builder. He has beautifully built us a body for the soul
-Description of the body according to the shastras (9 gates)
-Food for the soul is as necessary as food for the body
-The concept of soul (jivatma) and Supersoul (Paramatma) and their interaction
-Harinama and hari-katha are food for our soul
-Glories of sadhu-sanga
-Naham vipro na cha nara patir sloka discussion
-The Lord’s darshana can be taken with ears only, not eyes
-Kirtana-seva is about glorifying Krishna’s pastimes
-Seva and love are the same
-02:14:00 – If you serve someone, it means you love that person because there is no difference between service and love. It is only through service that you can control someone (An example of a dog being patted on the back)
-The story of the king and the three dolls


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