-The Six Gosvamis’ bhajana
-Without realising your siddha-deha you can not serve Radha and Krishna
-The peacock is very ashamed seeing the beauty of Srimati Radhika
-Lila on how Srimati Radhika manifested mana when Krishna wanted to give Her pana and Krishna forcefully kissed Her on the cheek
-The devotees in madhurya-rasa have spiritual female bodies and those in sakhya-rasa have spiritual male bodies
-The cause of spiritual greed: greed comes from greed (an example of a poor ugly boy who wanted to marry a princess; an example of a milkman who gives milk and a cow that you have to maintain yourself)
-Subala and Shridama cannot touch the body of Srimati Radhika, only those with
-Uddipanas coming to uttama-maha-bhagavata
-Madanakhya-mahabhava of Srimati Radhika
-Krishna is the desire tree, Radha is the creeper, Lalita, Vishakha are the leaves and Manjaris are the birds


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