-Today is the most important and memorable day (smaraniya divasa) in our life
-Srimati Radhika gives the order to Ramana Manjari to bring disciples from the material world (the parallel with how She sent Gopa-kumarа from the spiritual to the material world)
-How Srimati Radhika sends Her very nearest and dearest sakhis to deliver all the suffering living entities
-The Vrajavasis’ samskara in their heart is that Krishna is their family member
-Srila Gurudeva was born in 1921 in Maag masa on Mauni-amavasya
-Mauni-amavasya katha (Shivaji-Parvati samvada)
-You should not tell your guru-mantra and guru-gayatri to anyone
-Sarvajnata and mugdhata (omniscience and unawareness of anything) of Bhagavan
-Mauni-amavasya means remembering Krishna’s pastimes
-Laghu-bhagavatamrita: 3 paravesha-avataras – Nrisimhadeva (bhakta-vatsala), Ramachandra (maryada-purushttama) and Krishna (lila-purushottama)
-Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is prema-vatsalya, giving golokera prema dhana
-Sarvasva Tomar Charane bhajana
-Make Gurudeva’s favourite dishes for Vyasa puja: jackfruit, maucha ghanta and dudha loki. Everything Gurudeva loves, naturally, Srimati Radhika loves
-Gurudevа’s unwillingness to go west. ISKCON’s attitude towards him
-Siddha-pranali is a certain process. It will not happen quickly. Chant your gayatri-mantras properly first. You can’t read a scientific work without learning the alphabet
-Stages of unstable bhajana
-Question: Why did Prahlada Maharaja instruct not to get married, but get married himself?


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