– The feeling before the meeting. – The mind and mood change with the age of the gopis. – The gopis when they are young have restless minds and, when they get older, they have restless eyes. – Heroine and hero look at each other and attachment happens. – Love needs two sides to happen. – The signs that Sri Krsna makes for the gopis to know where to find Him. – Lila that Sri Krsna climbs the tree at night to call the gopis. – The glories of the sound of Sri Krsna’s flute. – Sanket is between Nandagaon and Varsana. – Gopala Bhatta Goswami performed bhajana at this place to remember the sweet loving lilas. – The lilas that take place in this place are night meetings. – Lila in which the gopis steal Sri Krsna’s flute and, therefore, He disguises Himself as Syamali Gopi. – Mahadeva is very dear to Sri Krsna and therefore protects the sacred dhamas. – Lila meeting between Srimati Radharani and Sri Krsna, when a bumblebee tries to land on Her face. – The meanings of the name Madhusudana. – In-depth explanation about the rasa of meeting and of separation. – Song: Radha Krsna Pranamora. – As Srila Rupa Gosvami wrote about the meeting, the trees of Ter Kadamba grew lush, and when he wrote about the separation, the trees bowed. – About what Radha does every day. – The glories of Braja: the land of lilas!


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