• In Kali-yuga, people have little intelligence, little memory and little discernment. And they have many illnesses, restless minds and problems in their family and at work.
  • Material happiness and money comes from karma, it is temporary. But by doing hari-bhajana we do not return to the material world.
  • Story of Ajamila, who gave his son the name Narayana.
  • In this material world, only the holy names can save us.
  • Sloka: harer nāma harer nāma
    harer nāmaiva kevalam (CC Madhya-lila 6.242).
  • Srila Gurudeva Narayana, spent 60 years in Braja, and his heart exhales the perfume there.
  • Gopi’s pastime is that, when she hears the flute, she never finishes applying kajal to her eye.
  • Ambarisa Maharaja, even though he was the king of the Planet, used his eleven senses to serve the Lord.
  • The scriptures say that whoever does not do Bhagavat-bhajana – worship of God – is like a two-legged animal.
  • Story of a kapalika-sadhu who held a skull.
  • The harikata that we hear from the sadhu must enter the heart, be implemented, and then propagated. Chant the holy names.


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