• On Madhavi-devi.
  • You cannot listen to hari-katha and do something else at the same time, like chanting the holy names or doing some service, because the mind will not be able to concentrate and neither will be done qualitatively. Only uttama-mahabhagavatas can combine these things.
  • As much as one surrenders to Guru, one receives Guru’s mercy.
  • Examples of Mrigari, Ekalavya.
  • With Guru’s mercy, realisation will come.
  • Efforts of a sadhaka should be there (example of Mother Yashoda trying to bind Krishna).
  • Is Ekalavya a great devotee?
  • Bhakta-bhagavata can explain the real meaning of grantha-bhagavata.
  • The conditioned soul should attend parikrama twice a year to recharge the battery.
  • Think of yourself as an animal sold to your guru.
  • Madhavi-devi’s surrender to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
  • Question: What is gauranga-nagari-vada?
  • Do not have tattoos on your body. If you had them before Krishna consciousness, try to remove them if possible.
  • Question: What should I do if I do tattoos for a living?
  • Question: What is the origin of tatastha shakti?
  • The different potencies of the Lord.
  • Svamsha and vibhinamsha; brihad-chaitanya and anu-chaitanya.
  • Bhrama, pramada, vipralipsa, karanapatava.
  • Question: In what activities could Madhavi-devi not participate because she was a woman?


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