• Story of Raskhan seeking Gopal Thakuraji to give gift and shoes to the Deity.
  • Song: Radha Mere Svamini.
  • Always chant the names of Krishna associated with His sweet pastimes: Rasabihari, Madana Mohana, Vrndavana Candra.
  • The main meaning of Syama is that He speaks sweet and eloquent words full of love and affection. And Radha is called Syamaa.
  • Madana means Cupid and Mohana means intoxicated. He controls Kamadeva and all the living entities.
  • Krsna is the Moon of Vrndavana, Krsnacandra.
  • On the lila in which Indradeva disturbed the Vrajavasis, Krsna lifts the mountain of Govardana.
  • At the age of 6, Krishna stole the clothes of the gopis; at 7, He raised Govardana, and at 8, Krishna performed the rasa dance with all the gopis.
  • Song: Sri Mangala Gitam by Jayadeva Gosvami.
  • Rasabihari (one who performs the rasa dance); Gokulananda (one who gives pleasure to the cows and gopis of Vrndavana).
  • Radha is the controller of the rasa, Rasesvari.
  • The bodies of the demigods are also material, but the air element predominates in them. In the body of a human being the predominant element is earth.
  • The feet of the demigods don’t touch the earth and they don’t blink.
  • Nice description of the demigod’s chargers.
  • The servant, the wife, the son, the king are always causing trouble.
  • A thousand names of Visnu correspond to one name of Rama. Three names of Rama are equal to one name of Krishna. One hundred names of Krsna are equal to one name of Radha.
  • Without Radha, the rasa dance does not take place and Krsna’s flute does not play. Radha is the guru of the flute.
  • The song: Radha nace, Krsna nace, nace gopi gan.
  • There is the mundane prajalpa, which is speaking ill of others, and the transcendental prajalpa, which is when Radha talks to the bumblebee in transcendental madness.
  • In Radha’s conversation with the bumblebee, She scolds Rama, Vamanadeva, Krsna and the bumblebee itself.


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