• Explanation of the verse Anyabhilasita-sunyam.
  • On making requests to Krishna for our own benefit, several times.
  • What to ask Krishna for?
  • Example of Draupadi.
  • What is bhakti and what is not? The example of Mother Yashoda when she stops suckling Krishna to save the milk from the fire, and the example of the two fighters in the Kamsa arena, Chanura and Mustika.
  • Pravrtti and nivrtti, the favourable and the unfavourable.
  • Cesta-rupa ( efforts ) and bhava-rupa ( feelings ). Example of Nanda and Yashoda.
  • Our aim should be to make Krishna’s devotee happy.
  • Krishna is atmarama and aptakama.
  • The two kinds of madhurya-bhava: svakiya and parakiya.
  • Radha is in mana inside the kunja and Krishna pays obeisances to the sakhis and manjaris who are outside.
  • The 3 Krishnas of Gaudiya philosophy: from Dvaraka, from Mathura and from Vrndavana – purna, purnatara and purnatama.
  • In Vrindavana, knowledge becomes bhava.
  • On the marital mood (parakiya) of the gopis and its 4 symptoms.
  • The difference between love and lust.
  • The Vrajavasis serve Krishna with different moods.
  • Yogamaya’s arrangements for the meetings of the Divine Couple.
  • The meeting in the material world is arranged by Mahamaya (example of Facebook) and in the transcendental world by Yogamaya.
  • Obstacles to meeting in parakya-bhava.
  • Prema-samputa, love is like camphor.
  • Differences between svakiya-bhava and parakiya-bhava.
  • Avyapti-dosa – defect of excessive restriction of a definition/rule, and ativyapti-dosa – defect of excessive scope of a definition/rule.
  • On mangoes and jackfruit in Brazil.
  • On parental love. Examples of Devaki/Vasudeva and Nanda/Yashoda.
  • Krsnarte-akhila-cesta-parayan and krsnarte-akhila-bhoga-tyag.
  • Vrajavasis do not believe that Krishna is Bhagavan.
  • Meaning of Govinda.
  • How to meditate on Krishna? The difference between what we imagine and what we have heard from guru and sastras.
  • Different instructions for different levels of devotees. Example of when Srila Prabhupada was asked who Radha was.
  • Differences between Indian and Western culture. Dating and marriage.


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