• Sadhana means practice.
  • Bhajana means direct service to your istadeva (your lovable deity).
  • Siddha is the mature, perfect stage of sadhana.
  • The stages of sadhana (sraddha).
  • 5 stages of siddhi (mantra siddhi, sadhana siddhi, bhava siddhi, svarupa siddhi, vastu siddhi).
  • Sadhana is the control of the senses.
  • Concentrate the mind on the object of love. That is the practitioner, the sadhaka.
  • How do you control the mind? Engage it in service to Hari, the Guru and the Vaishnavas.
  • Read Sri Manah-siksa, pray for your mind.
  • Most people glorify someone when there is a personal interest behind it.
  • The fruits of the actions of your past lives, good or bad, do not always come immediately; they come when the Lord wants them.
  • When one glorifies the Lord, the Lord hides; the Lord glorifies His devotees when they disappear.
  • In Gopinatha’s lila, Thakuraji stole rice pudding for Madhavendra Puripada, which let the pujari know that he was an uttama-maha-bhagavata, but not wanting to take credit for himself, he left before the news spread.
  • In the Madhurya-kadambini it is explained that when the sadhaka enters the stage of prema, glorification is equivalent to a snakebite.
  • Story of the 3 sons-in-law who went to stay with their in-laws.
  • When travelling, the shastras recommend that guests stay at the host’s house for a maximum of 5 days (except in the case of an uttama-maha-bhagavata).
  • When a sadhaka reaches the stage of brava and prema, married life is seen by him as a dark and waterless well.


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