• Immersing in Brahma is a punishment of Sri Hari, bhakti is above the 3 modes of nature, and what to do if your family is unfavourable to bhakti!
  • The one who wants to immerse himself in Brahma has an inert conscience, like a spoon that sinks in water.
  • Immersing oneself in Brahma is like committing suicide.
  • This is the punishment that Lord Hari gives to demons (immersion in Brahma).
  • The mayavadi tendency is against the spontaneous nature of the soul to serve the Lord eternally.
  • Paramatma knows everything that happens, but does not tell us why.
  • Krishna gives us a brain to discern and Srimad Bhagavad-Gita with instructions on what to do.
  • The story of the three dogs: The black, white and red dogs represent tama, raja and sattva-gunas (the 3 modes of Maya’s nature, ignorance, passion and goodness in succession).
  • Only in the mode of goodness, sattva-guna, one gets sadhu-sanga, but it is crucial for him to have a mature and accumulated sukriti, without which holy sadhu-sanga does not happen.
  • The 3 modes of nature are like chains, one is gold (sattva), one is silver (raja) and one is iron (tama). Which would you choose?
  • In fact, the 3 chains bind you equally to the material nature of maya, so there is no difference.
  • Engage in bhakti because it is beyond the modes of the nature of maya (nirguna).
  • How much one benefits from sadhu-sanga depends on oneself; her sukriti brought her to the sadhu, so now it depends on her how much she will benefit from it.
  • If your family members are not devotees and are not favourable to bhakti, you should still treat them with respect, because one day they may become devotees.
  • Pray to Sri Hari humbly that your family members may one day become favourable to bhakti, that they may become devotees.
  • Be patient, everything takes time. You may have been unfavourable to bhakti in your past life.
  • The devotee’s behaviour, even towards worldly people, should always be respectful and sweet, for by such an example people can be inspired to engage in bhakti.
  • Outwardly be respectful, but inwardly never stop chanting the holy names and practising your bhajana.


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