Part 1

-Krishna bhakti is best education.
-Meaning of Srimati Radhika’s mother Kirtida.
-Topmost wealth is Radha Krishna Prema.Topmost distress is getting separated from Bhaktha.
-When many lives sukriti accumulates & matures one gets bhagavath bhakta sanga.
Bhakti manifests in us by that sanga.
-Human life is very rare & even rare is association of guru , Vaishnava.
-Bhagavan Kapil deva says to his mother to always stay in sat sanga.
-Leave Karma marga , Jnana marga & practise bhakti marga.
-Bhagavan’s Prema Madhurya Katha to be heard.
-Srila Paramagurudev being asked as whether he will come back to help in finishing devotees perfecting their bhajan.
-How can the prema be obtained by sukriti or greed?
-Lila of Thakurji taking slippers from Raskhan.
-Krishna bhakta types & Vrajavasis are crown jewels.
-How difficult is to get darshan of lotus feet of Srimati Radhika for devatas & Krishna as well.
-Srimati Radharani’s bhava kiran khan if we get our life is successful.
-Jivas dharma is glorification of Krishna’s name , form , qualities.
-Lila of Brahmaji asking 4 Kumaras to enter Grihastha life.
-By sat sanga jivas eternal nature of Krishna dasa will get manifested
-Hear Bhagavath Katha & all anarthas will go away.
-Topmost donor is one who donates Krishna Katha.
-Krishna speaking about how to meditate on His feet like yogis to gopis.
-Gopis take the lotus feet of Krishna on their body in rasa lila.
-Krishna hankering for gopis association for rasa roopi ghostam.
-Krishna for Premi bhakta’s association is going from one forest to another forest.
-A devotee asking Srila Parama gurudev when will he do bhajan like goswamis.
-Why Krishna went after Srimati Radhika leaving gopis in rasa lila?
-To get what Srimati Radhika has Krishna took the bhava & kanti of Srimati Radhika & came as Mahaprabhu.
-Pranay means your heart & my heart there is no difference.

Part 2

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