• Hari-katha is our life and our soul.
  • A crying baby is happy only when the mother comes, it does not accept anyone. So is the soul in relation to the hari-katha, because the hari-katha is not different from the Lord.
  • Rohini-devi talks about the time when Krishna lived in Vrndavana.
  • The hari-katha protects our lives.
  • Sukadeva Gosvami tells Pariksit Maharaja to get absorbed in Krsna-katha because he will reach Goloka Vrndavana before Taksaka (the snake) arrives. He has gopi-bhava.
  • Pradyumna Misra visits Raya Ramananda and is troubled in his mind.
  • Raya Ramananda shows all the symptoms of ecstasy when he speaks hari-katha.
  • Guru and Vaisnavas are very merciful, they call everyone to receive the best food and the best friendship.
  • Sloka ceto-darpaṇa-mārjanaṁ
  • On Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s Bhajana Rahasya.
  • Jata-rati-sadhaka and ajata-rati-sadhaka.
  • Prakasananda Sarasvati scolds Caitanya Mahaprabhu, telling him to read Vedanta Dharsana, Panini Vyakarana, etc.
  • The Niti Sastra presents five qualities for acquiring vast knowledge.
  • Mahaprabhu says He has no qualification to read Vedanta, He just chants the maha-mantra and is happy like crazy.
  • People are crazy about wife, children, money and fame.
  • Devotees are crazy about Krsna and materialists are crazy about material things.
  • Mahaprabhu is crazy because Krsna-prema has manifested in His heart, making Him cry, sing, dance and roll on the floor.
  • Devananda Pandita sings Gopi-gita and everybody cries with him.
  • Funny story about the brahmacari who cried non-stop and was put on the roof so as not to disturb Srila Gurudeva. Days later he returned to his house, pretending to have prema.
  • The sahajiyas pretend to have prema in their hearts.
  • Pure devotees cry in separation pastimes and laugh in encounters.
  • Funny lila of the gopi making rice pudding and asking the old mother-in-law to take care of it.
  • Funny lila of when Krishna entered a gopi’s room.



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