-In life, everything happens according to karma.
-Time (kala) is very powerful.
-Everything we have is due to the mercy of the Lord and everything belongs to Him.
-We don’t take anything from this world.
-We must use the money from our work in the service of the Lord.
-Story of the Sikh who gave all his money to the saints.
-Prayers of Kunti-devi to Krishna.
-We do karma, but the fruits are bestowed by Bhagavan.
-Sukha and dukha – happiness and suffering.
-The guru comes to remind us where our wealth is.
-Chaitanya-charitamrta – story of the saint who showed a poor boy where all his father’s treasures were. The east direction represents bhakti.
-Mahaprabhu said, “You should take shelter of bhakti”. Bhakti means service to Baghavan, and service is the best karma.
-If you have the wealth of prema-bhakti, you don’t need anything else.
-Story of the son-in-law who went to visit his parents-in-law and ran out of prasada.
-Though everything has been written, we must still strive.
-By chanting the holy names we can cross the ocean of material existence.
-The soul is eternal and transcendental. It has no nationality.
-The importance of having a spiritual name.


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